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  1. It would be nice for our right back to stay on the pitch and not pick up his 50th suspension of the season. Few Falkirk fans on here were slaughtering Leon McCann not too long ago he's a cracking player and was great for us. Only thing is I'd of liked to have seen him go to a Championship team instead of staying in league 1. Last season we targeted him with long diagonal balls to Gabby McGill which made things awkward for him due to his height. (Might be our tactic on Saturday). Telfer has been very 'meh' for us, not been great but I've definitely seen worse players play for us than him. With the amount of Falkirk posters getting tore into him, it would be genuinely hilarious if he scored his debut goal on Saturday and Airdrie won. I refrain from making any wild predictions on here as it usually bites me on the a*se.
  2. When Airdrie beat Falkirk 2-1 at home during the lockdown season Ally Roy scored for the diamonds and a certain Mr Telfer for the bairns with Euan Deveney also on the bench. A terrific front 3 for us that day with Euan O'Reilly, Ally Roy and Jack McKay all starting and Dean Ritchie in the holding role in midfield.
  3. That's where you're wrong. He's a player that is exciting, can play as a striker and in the number 10 role. He's a player that raises 'bums off seats' when he's on the ball running and terrorising defenders with his dribbling and lethal finishing. If it wasn't for his injury, he'd be currently playing in the Leeds United team. I would describe him as a 'once in a generation talent'.
  4. 'One of my das mates was pals with a family member of Rico's afore this and she told them that during the summer Jai owed some gangster money for powder and he got dealt with that's why he's not been playing for QP. And rico's been driving him about selling. It's 100% true, the two of them think they their Ronnie and reggie Kray".
  5. I remember it was Dean Ritchie that played left back in a 1-0 win during the covid season when McCann was out. Jesus, Dean Ritchie at left back [emoji1] Went with 1-0 Airdrie in my predictions but I think a draw seems most likely, agree an earlier goal for either side will be crucial. I do kind of have the fear for this game so would take a point. Gal loves a goal against Falkirk would love to know how many he's scored into them. This game would be perfect for Charlie to open his account for the diamonds.
  6. Lyness has only really played a handful of games at every team he's been with, he's older at 31 but wouldn't say he's experienced either. Watching the goals against us yesterday is even worse than i imagined. The sooner Josh Rae is back the better.
  7. Clyde 2-1 Edinburgh Dunfermline 1 -2 Queen of the South Falkirk 0-1 Airdrieonians Kelty Hearts 0 -1 Peterhead Montrose 0-0 Alloa Athletic
  8. I honestly thought that it was a number 9 that was drew on [emoji23]
  9. During our unbeaten streak we haven't played particularly great and our last 3 games have been against the bottom 3 sides of the division. Our away games this year we've only beaten Clyde and Peterhead. Scoring goals isn't a problem for us but we are very soft in midfield and weak in defense. I think Dundee will be too strong especially with your good home record and will comfortably win 2/3-0. We have no squad depth and virtually no bench so if we can get through this game without any injuries or suspensions that's the main thing. If the game was at home I'd be feeling more confident as our home record is pretty good and we beat St Mirren 2-0 in the cup in July. Will be a tough ask to beat 3rd in the championship away from home. Would need Dundee to miss a barrell load of chances and LJ and Gal to be on fire.
  10. Dion Dublin makes Kevin Thomson look like an excellent commentator.
  11. Not sure what was worse, the game or having to listen to John Potter shouting nonsense from the dugout.
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