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  1. Clyde 0-1 Airdrieonians Edinburgh 0-3 Queen of the South Falkirk 2-0 Kelty Hearts Peterhead 0-3 Alloa Athletic Montrose 1-2 Dunfermline Athletic
  2. Not sure what I enjoyed most in that video the dive, @AndyDD laugh, or the goal itself.
  3. Quite a difficult decision, enjoying seeing McCabe manage from the sidelines but like you said, I wouldn't make too many changes to the back 4. What about Byrd? I missed the QOS away game so didn't get to see too much of him? Or do you think that would be too much of a risk?
  4. Mr Gallagher how much money would you like to be paid per week in your new contract?
  5. Delighted for Gallagher to get his hat trick. What a season he's having. Great day at the office. I think Peterhead might be the worst team I've ever seen us play, much worse than East Fife last season.
  6. Airdrieonians 1-0 Peterhead Alloa Athletic 2-0 Clyde Dunfermline Athletic 2-0 Edinburgh Kelty Hearts 1-1 Montrose Queen of the South 1-3 Falkirk
  7. ATS will be playing on the 24th and 26th March (missing the Clyde game). Two games in the space of two days so hopefully he avoids any injuries. Never thought I'd say this but we are gonna miss the big man in defence against Clyde, since he signed he's been absolutely solid at centre back and barley put a foot wrong. Great to see that he's been called up to represent his country.
  8. I think Callum Smith was every single one of us in the stand when that goal went in
  9. 6-1 vs Kelty Hearts 5-0 vs Clyde 4-0 vs Montrose 4-0 vs Alloa 4-0 vs Falkirk We've pumped exactly half of this division at home yet we find ourselves 5th in the league, that is madness
  10. I might be wrong but I think that's his first hat trick in professional football. Brilliant performance from him and the rest of the team. I look forward to watching Gals outrageous finish at midnight, that goal was just ridiculous.
  11. Watched the Dunfermline vs Falkirk game last night. Dunfermline highlighted everything we aren't and also what it takes to get out of league 1. ● Management team that can make changes when things aren't going to plan. ● Better game management (street wise, seeing the game out). ● Solid defence (experienced pros like Kyle Benedictus, Chris Hamilton etc) ● Big Haddy striker to bring off the bench (Todarov etc). ● Manager that has previously achieved promotion or has won League 1 previously. ● Team that focuses on winning games of football rather than being the 'best footballing team' grinding out results. Overall I was impressed by Dunfermline especially in the second half of the game, and if we are looking to plan to get promotion this season, we should be looking to follow a similar model if possible. I think the idea of having a development academy is complete nonsense and we should be looking to build a team to try and aim for promotion. If both Dunfermline and Falkirk go up, that would leave us in a league with potentially Hamilton, Arbroath and QOS going for promotion, not saying that would be easy, but I don't imagine any of the teams budgets or resources would be that of Falkirk and Dunfermline.
  12. Airdrieonians 1-0 Kelty Hearts Clyde 1-2 Queen of the South Edinburgh 2-2 Alloa Athletic Peterhead 0-3 Dunfermline
  13. Rhys McCabe is an associate for a company called 'Consilium Sports Group' which Jackie McNamara is one of the Directors of, and also Shelly Kerr has a role in the company. It is no coincidence that a lot of our players that we have signed have 'Consilium Sports' as their agent (Alex Henderson, Jay Reily, Ben Stanway, Justin Devenny) to name a few, so I'd imagine he'd be recommended players, but those players are his signings and I'd imagine he'd be involved in those discussions. If McCabe isn't signing the likes of Joe Dixon, then who is signing them? We don't have Stuart Miller or a Director of Football anymore. Obviously the players should take responsibility for the poor defending but the defensive issues are getting worse instead of better. I guess we can agree to disagree on a lot of issues.
  14. The manager is responsible for recruitment and our assistant manager is our captain, both of them have failed to organise our defence all season. Why have we basically been playing with one centre back pretty much all season? When it comes to defending what do they actually work on in training? Agree with the 3rd goal it is a poor individual error, even at the start of the free kick Frizz and Telfer weren't even switched on. The players do need to do the basics I do agree, but this isn't a one off, the defensive mistakes have happened time and time again. Ultimately the buck stops with the management team.
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