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  1. With the tops you normally have to go a size (or two) up from what you normally are as Macron kits are really poorly sized
  2. The same club that fans ran on to our park to celebrate a 90th minute goal only for us to score with the next kick of the game which ended up relegating them, how could I forget about Falkirk?!
  3. Morrison leathering the ball to McKenna twice in about five minutes from five yards away then throwing his arms in the air when it wasn’t a good touch was infuriating. Was some away support today to be fair, best I’ve seen in a bit come to Palmerston.
  4. You want an experienced GK but are pining for an 18 year old to return? I don't think Cowie would dramatically improve us. The whole back line needs sorted. Once we get a settled backline we'll hopefully see an improvement in Currie. I don’t like being overly harsh but let’s be honest Currie is shite. I think most fans are at that stage where he makes a save (which he should make) and fans lap it up. He’s shit scared to come off his lines which doesn’t exactly give any confidence to an already shaky defence.
  5. Still think that’s an over-reaction, we should still be aiming for the play offs which I’m sure was our target at the start of the season. Hopefully now the idea of 3 at the back is binned. We shat the bed in trying to match Airdrie incase they outplayed us, decision clearly backfired.
  6. Would really like Ugwu who still doesn’t have a club, was linked with Falkirk and Hamilton earlier on in the window
  7. Yeah Murray, McKenna and now Hendrie. McKenna has been gash at right back, like people on here said he would be. Murray has actually been really good but still has a tendency to drift out of games, and Hendrie isn’t fit enough right now apparently as he’s not had a pre season.
  8. Wonder if he’ll start tomorrow as I’d worry about Rico’s temperament playing against Airdrie
  9. The Granary as well, right beside a taxi rank for if you leave it too late to walk to the ground, probably about a 15 min walk
  10. Look at the attendances we used to get, practically a third of that now
  11. How many tickets we sold for Rangers so far?
  12. Alloa 2-0 Edinburgh Clyde 2-1 Kelty Dunfermline 3-0 Montrose Falkirk 2-1 Peterhead Queens 2-2 Airdrie
  13. We still have two or three to bring in as well as having our best players missing across the two games (Reilly, Wilson, Connelly, East). The Clyde game is obviously a shocker, but I’m sure most would have been content with a point away to a Montrose. To write us off as being pish this early is on is hilarious to me
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