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  1. I'd be happy doing this as well and relying on young players like Muir, Mendy, Cowie etc to make up the numbers, rather than a squad of 25 senior (and shite) players.
  2. Go to L'antica Da Michelle (pizzeria) in Naples if you go anywhere for food, best food I have ever had without doubt. Two pizza's and two beers came to 16 euro. Can be like a 30 min wait outside but a nice bar that sells Tennants super across the road.
  3. Yep, that’s the Dobbie testimonial postponed for a later date.
  4. He also said Kelty offered him an extra £100 a week than what we did. Easy choice then I suppose.
  5. I know someone is going to reply saying I’m talking pish but was speaking to Nicky Low in a pub in Glasgow a few weeks ago and he said Wullie offered him a deal to come back last summer but pulled the offer as they “signed that big boy instead”, presume he was referring to Bange.
  6. They may as well change the game to the Saturday then. Understand that would be difficult because we have already sold tickets though. All the glory hunting p***ks in the town would rather watch their “team” than go to the testimonial unfortunately.
  7. It was his first game in professional football so got to give him a bit of slack. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s our Number 1 for next season
  8. Anybody know how many tickets we have sold (or expected to) for Dobbie’s testimonial?
  9. Airdrie 2-1 Kelty Clyde 1-2 Queens Edinburgh 3-1 Alloa Peterhead 0-2 Dunfermline
  10. I seem to remember the young team were giving him pelters that day and the guy sat beside me was an absolute moron just shouting shite anytime he touched the ball. Also, I'm not claiming he was having his best game that day, but as I told the guy beside me, I would always rather my midfielder always shows for the ball regardless and tries to dictate the play. I think some of our other midfielders are bad for hiding and not showing/asking for the ball (Todd and McGrory). For me, Cochrane has had the odd good game but he has just never played consistently enough in the team due to his fitness issues, now he is playing consistently without an injury we are seeing the player he is. It will be interesting to see when (or if) Wilson is fit and in the starting 11 how that impacts Cochrane's performance, as others have pointed out he seems less effective when he doesn't play as deep (the role Wilson plays when fit).
  11. Funny how quickly people’s opinions turn. The amount of abuse Cochrane was getting at Airdrie away was shocking yet only a few months later fans are desperate to keep him for next year.
  12. Paton will be away regardless and I can’t see Connelly being a MB type player to be honest. Is Todd not under contract for next year anyway? And yes, giving McKechnie a new deal would be wise as he seems to be improving game by game after previously not getting a look in and his injury problems.
  13. Out of all the players out of contract this summer, only East and Cochrane are deserving of new deals in my opinion.
  14. I was more thinking that means we are stuck with McKenna for the rest of the season
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