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  1. The management team are talking about lack of clinical finishing and posters here commenting on defensive frailties. I'd agree to an extent about the finishing, and more so about defending. But, I think both of these points are down to the fact that when we don't have Frizz, the midfield is practically non-existent. Gal and Smith having to go really deep today to get the ball from defenders. Many times today McMaster had space to move forward but always looked for a sideways/backwards pass. Telfer would be good if we had 1 or 2 ball winners in there with him, but we don't. Devenny's form has dropped big time since the first few games. If we can't supply the forwards or cover the defence things ain't going to get better. Last season's successes were in a large part down to a midfield who worked their arses off, won the ball back quickly and were immediately positive with it. A good few of the teams above us (7) aren't great but they are organised and know their jobs. Edinburgh were exactly that today. Worried.
  2. Yes, agreed that is the best centre back pairing we have. Rhys playing as a midfielder at the expense of Devenny is just wrong. He sat just in front of the back 4 yesterday and offered little in terms of ball winning or going forward. At centre back he reads the game well and Fordyce better with him there. Also, having our only regular scorer on the bench each week makes no sense to me at all. He may be part time but I'd rather have him starting than Gabby or Jamieson. Front 2 of Gal and Smith instead of 3, and a midfield of 4 which must include Devenny. Tuesday night is only one game but I think is huge in terms of confidence.
  3. Yup, agree with all of this. We are definitely more solid with McCabe alongside Fordyce. In terms of being more direct, look at Frizz assists yesterday..just great passing to match the runs. I'm sure Telfer will chip in with a good few of those through the rest of the season too. Tighten up at the back..especially on opposition breaks, and we'll be up there.
  4. Ultimately happy with today's performance...and no-one can complain about a 5-0 win. We started well, Telfer impressed, but then we seemed to start to look a bit nervy. After the second goal, you could see the nerves fade and we played good football afterwards. Good to see Gabby score after a bit of a howler before that. Delighted Smith is off the mark - first was a peach. I still think that McCabe alongside Dycey in centre of defence gives us a more solid feel. Re previous comments about Deveney criticism...jeez...he's a 19 yr old who overall has done well and certainly gives it his all each game. P*sh we heard today is really going to motivate the hell out of him eh?
  5. Starting line-up and formation totally baffled me even before the game started. Devenney at left back - why? Wylie gets a start in centre mid - why? Only proven goalscorer on the bench - why? Then, as mentioned by others, continuing to play 3 up front with 10 men just seems completely unrealistic. So many players off it today. Hopefully a wake up call.
  6. Pretty fair summary. Comfortable for what may be a fair portion of the first team this season...depending on signings to come. Not too much for Rae to do but made a couple of decent saves and great to have a keeper who is big, vocal and comfortable with the ball at his feet. Ballantyne is a great signing. Obvious straight away today. No.8 (Telfer I hear) looks like he could do a good job for us and pleased with Devenney also. Looking forward to tomorrow. Think we might get a chance to see who we've got as back up or maybe challenging for a start.
  7. Happy with this week's business. Especially Josh Rae who some said we had no chance of getting. When you add that to Cammy Ballantyne signing, seems we're looking for more than L1 "jobbers" for the first team Also really good to read the last few posts giving opinions on what we have and what more is needed. Agree with pretty much all of it and good to see there"s a positive spin to it. What a difference last season has made to Airdrie fans' outlook. Left back and an experienced playmaker to replace Easton are definitely priorities. Back that up with squad players and the inevitable loanees (McInroy quality please) and we won't be too far off. McCabe might be young for a manager but I really think that he knows how to take us forward while still playing last year's style (win ugly will do me if we go up), so I think we will see a good midfielder or two yet to come in. Hopefully a few more pens next week. Mon Aireeee!
  8. As per a previous post it's been a funny old week. But, reading our thread since the Rhys appointment, the theme in general has been one of excitement. Plenty of caveats from pretty much everyone as its a bit of an experiment which could go t*ts up but I think it has maintained the connection to the team from last season and, by extension, some of the feel-good factor after the play-off kick in the heehaws. If we'd appointed one of the merry-go-round jobbers I'm fairly sure optimism would be in short supply. I'd agree with almost all of the release list with possible exception of Jordan Allan. Ballantyne a great signing. With Gal, I get as frustrated as anyone else with him at times but he'll get us 15 goals, even without East Fife Let's hope for some more positive news soon
  9. Best chance? Yes. Next season tough? Yes. Lose a couple of players? Yes. Falkirk getting their act together?
  10. Cheers. Appreciate an honest and unbiased opinion on the thread as it has been all season from you. All the best next season....for both of us
  11. This. We've all enjoyed our style this season but there's something more than that and you've just summed it up in one word....connection. Long time since we've had that to anywhere near the level we have this season. Desperate to keep this team together (and manager of course). C'mon Airdrie! Do what we all know you're capable of.
  12. Agree with everything said here. Huge contribution to what is the best Airdrie team I've watched for a very long time. Memory of the season (so far) is the turn that left Alloa defender on his arse before playing a perfect pass to Smithy to lob the keeper.
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