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  1. I think that’s a question for the W7 lads but I reckon they will stick with that one. As you said, certain songs seem to follow players and managers wherever they go. If I recall, the Andy Webster song (September by Earth, Wind & Fire) has been used by lots of clubs including ourselves.
  2. Here’s to you Stephen Robinson The board have taken some amount of criticism this season but even the most anti board/Kibble/Smisa person can’t deny that we’ve got this one right. Hopefully we get a decent travelling support up at Dens on Wednesday night to welcome the new gaffer & Diarmuid.
  3. Morecambe fans seem absolutely raging about him leaving. The majority of Motherwell fans can’t speak highly enough of him. Good stuff.
  4. Happy with that. 42% win rate at Motherwell, guided them to two cup finals, 3rd place finish in 2019-20. Definitely a more sensible option when you look at the other names mentioned this week.
  5. Bizarre that some fans think Brown & Naismith are very risky appointments but Shelley Kerr, who’s only experience of managing in men’s football was at Lowland League level, would be a good appointment. She is a very highly rated manager, there’s no denying that but your asking someone who’s never managed a men’s professional club to take charge when we are on track to achieving our highest league position in years. That for me, is a risk not worth taking.
  6. Awk well, is it a two horse race now? The scenes when Naismith knocks Hearts out of the Scottish Cup
  7. SG was a great servant to the club, no one can deny that. If it wasn’t for him, the club could have ended up in the hands of Reg Brierley. But in recent times, these needless tweets that he comes away with do nothing but damage the club. Someone who was a club chairman for 18 years should really know better.
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