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  1. Not a chance no way would i spout as long a rant about another team even as a wind up. The poor boy can see us winning the title and is clearly envious, which is understandable.
  2. No chance. It's in our sights.
  3. I echo your sentiments...I'm going and i want to win it on Tuesday.
  4. Brechin V champions in waiting

    I saw about 2 Brechin fans... I’ve been up since half 5 so personally I’m struggling to keep my eyes open... pity Livvy scored in the last 5 mins ... just need to win the league on Tuesday[emoji106][emoji41]
  5. Brechin V champions in waiting

    Listening to Eddie Grant on the tv with a pint in Brechin. Got here for the pubs opening 🖤🖤
  6. Brechin V champions in waiting

    I'm probably not the best one to ask that i walk in late most games
  7. Brechin V champions in waiting

    I really can't see anyone getting knocked back... Brechin could do with the money and it's a meaningless game for them.
  8. Brechin V champions in waiting

    There was St Mirren fans in both ends behind the goals in December ... No panic, anyone wanting in will get in!
  9. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    I think Jack will stay for a minimum of 1 season in the Premiership, perhaps more. I have every faith in GS and the BOD to find a good replacement if needs be.
  10. I hope so! I've stated previously I'd like Morton up with us via the play offs but I'll still enjoy our guard of honour on the 21st
  11. Brechin V champions in waiting

    There isn't i was there in December, we swapped ends in the 2nd half.... Poor Brechin fans will be swamped on Saturday.
  12. Dundee Utd and Morton will be particularly satisfying! I still can't believe our achievement over the World famous pre season title favourites...
  13. It must be a lovely feeling for our Greenock chums to know that them winning will help us seal the title with 5 games to go.
  14. I'll be at all the remaining games... 6 parties
  15. Pars v Livi

    Morton need a win and we will definitely win, it's looking good