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  1. To be honest it's a handful of the same old culprits, the moaners and groaners shout the loudest and want the most attention.
  2. Let the floodgates open now... need a few more to quickly follow
  3. Unbelievable amounts of ITK stuff on here and hardly any of it will be true. This was always going to happen after yet another manager pisses of at the wrong time leaving the incoming guy less time yet again to sort it! It seems to happen every bloody season. Jim needs backing and that means at least 5/6 players being brought in, over to Gordon, Gus and Tony, time to help him out.
  4. Roll on the new season to stop all the rumours and made up stuff. Jim Goodwin's appointment is a step forward in the right direction after an uncertain period. I'm not sure who was to blame for OK debacle and i'm pretty sure 99% of the "ITK fans" aren't either. I don't really give a toss either way because we've got who we wanted so it's onwards and upwards!
  5. Yet again we were underestimated by everyone... that's three seasons in a row.... ye of little faith!! I'm only just recovering from Sunday/Monday celebrations!
  6. If we play as well as we can then we'll win this, Looking for the 2 Kyle's to be on top form because they are match winners.
  7. Well I’m in Perth city centre and I can assure you there’s no snow lying.
  8. I’m in Perth it’s not even lying no way should this be called off
  9. Cheers it's lying a bit here and i'll be setting off in just over an hour.
  10. Not a chance no way would i spout as long a rant about another team even as a wind up. The poor boy can see us winning the title and is clearly envious, which is understandable.
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