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  1. Google Pixel 6a is cheaper and newer than the Pixel 6, but still an outstanding phone. I'm well impressed with it. Pixel 6a was released July this year, while Pixel 6 released Oct 2021. Support, updates until 2027 if I remember correctly.
  2. Definitely South Africa for me, however this will be overtaken by quite a distance by Qatar.
  3. Hope I'm wrong, but have a strange feeling England will win this World Cup. At least most people are writing this world cup off as the farce it is, so won't be remembered as much if it had been any other country hosting. Would have loved had Scotland qualified and then just boycotted it, but hey ho.
  4. Ross County 1 Aberdeen 1 Celtic 4 - Rangers 0 Hibs 3 - Killie 0 Livi 0 - Hearts 2 Motherwell 0 - Dundee Utd 2 St Johnstone 0 - St. Mirren 2
  5. Final table will be: 1. Celtic 2. Sevco 3. Aberdeen 4. Hibs 5. Dundee United 6. Hearts 7. Ross County 8. Kilmarnock 9. Motherwell 10. St Mirren 11. St Johnstone 12. Livingston
  6. Spittal was shit at County, then they sent him on loan to Partick, when he was recalled he was really good. Some games superb! One player who should have signed on for another year, but money rules, Motherwell got him and now he is shite again.
  7. I still rate Blair Spittal, wrong club for him though, style of football from Motherwell last season was shocking. Can't see it improve unless they get a decent manager.
  8. Was gutted when County lost to Motherwell after the split which won them the European spot. Genuially think County would have easily dealt with Sligo. What a joke and waste of a Euro spot!!
  9. Great news, didn't know this was on BBC. Will certainly be watching. Not very confident of a win though, but hopefully proved wrong.
  10. Armenia beating Rep. of Ireland 1-0 certainly made for an interesting start to the group. While I can see Scotland easily winning at home against Armenia, won't be easy for the away match in that heat. Ireland away is surely a must win, puts a bit of added pressure on that match particularly.
  11. Armenia now a goal up against Rep. Ireland, hope they hold on for the win.
  12. Not hopeful of County getting anything from this one. Guess the longer it stays at 0-0 the more nervous Celtic will get. Would be fantastic to get a shock win, would make top 6 look very possible, doubt it though. A respectful 0-2 defeat I reckon, sadly not enough for top 6 with Hearts up next, then Aberdeen away after.
  13. St. Johnstone will finish bottom, Dundee, 2nd bottom, yet to stay up and win the play off. That's what I reckon.
  14. I think Malky has done a top job so far, the team have been a great watch this season. Lots of goals, now starting to keep clean sheets. Avoiding relegation is huge success, now doing that in style. 3 wins in a row is brilliant form this time of season. Don't think we will make the top 6, very difficult fixtures Celtic away, Hearts at home, then Aberdeen away. Can see some draws in those matches, but wins would be surprising. Dont think draws would help much. Never know, but other teams have easier fixtures from what I seen.
  15. An ugly win for sure, but against a physical team away from home. Hanging on at the end. Delighted!! Another win against St. Mirren this weekend and this league starts looking interesting!
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