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  1. You are just in the huff because your part time/ hybrid fairytale failed at the last minute. You got what you deserved after trying to waste time from 15 minutes onwards so dry yer eyes and look forward to the play offs though I can’t see any team from this shite league beating St Johnstone.
  2. Really don’t mind if you win but hope Ayr end up where they belong and can have their derby with Queens next season.
  3. It’s fucking hilarious and could get even funnier tonight
  4. Highlight, 20 minutes against Ayr at Somerset and 15 mins against Arbroath last week. lowlights, being in this shite league and away games on a Friday.
  5. Just as well you won’t be seeing them for a while thenCome on Queens make it a perfect weekend and send Ayrshire’s little team towards where they belong.
  6. You are obsessed with Rangers, are you sure your not Celtic fan or more likely just a fuckwit, enjoy the championship next season
  7. If I were you I would stick to worrying about your end of the table!!!
  8. So they will be really embarrassed finishing behind the team with the lowest budget in the league!!
  9. Last season’s team was shite but change any of the two goalies for Zach and that team would have strolled this league, lucky for us the standard is diabolical or we would have been nowhere near the top.
  10. How was it ever a one horse race? Killie lost most of their squad last season and had to rebuild. It was the media and fans of other teams who seemed to think we should have walked it. If Killie do go on and win the league it should be other clubs who should be embarrassed as it is the worst Kilmarnock team since the 80s
  11. QOS were unlucky against us a couple of weeks ago and should have beat Partick on Friday so regardless of what happens on Friday I think it might be Arbroath ass holes flapping although unlike Killie they will be happy with 2nd being a part time/hybrid club and all that!!!
  12. I don’t know why you think Killie should have skooshed the league, we lost most of our players( mainly to St Mirren) and had to build a totally new team consisting mostly of championship and league one players. Changing the manager and getting Lafferty has been the turning point but I take your point, the last team I thought would be challenging us right to the end of the season would be Arbroath and despite what some people would have you believe it is far from over yet.
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