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  1. That's what happens when you venture off the footpaths. You only have yourself to blame.
  2. Obviously you have a much better sense of humour eh? Fud.
  3. I really need to stop winding my boss up. He just walked into the lab with a bright pink polo-shirt. "Fuxake Davie cover that up, I cannae hear the radio!" He wasn't best pleased but everyone else laughed so f**k em!
  4. When someone tell's a shit joke then stares at you like some fuckin constipated deaf mute when they don't get a laugh. If you want to make me laugh mate, fall down a flight of stairs or something.
  5. cider, sunshine and the beachboys....evreting aireee ;)

  6. aye bud, just sittin in a fuckin cleanroom on a scorcher of a day :(

  7. Alright Broxy lad

  8. I've been away for a while and i think i timed my return well. Hilarious stuff!
  9. Fight the power Ron!!!

  10. Know what you mean cap, i have to do one of the most intricate modifications you have ever fuckin seen. Why can't someone design a PCB that just bastartin works!!!! Fuckin flight model aswell so first time everytime.
  11. In the sun today, Rosie strips to get Luke in the sack. Apparently producers deemed the scenes too raunchy and cut them from the episode. Will be on the website at 9pm tonight though.
  12. Last night i had a special curry with fried rice, spicy barbecue chicken wings and chilli chips from Blue Sky in Paisley Rd West. It was fooooookin gorgeous. mmmmmmmmmmm nom nom nom
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