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  1. Can’t believe that Davidson thinks his current squad will stay up.
  2. Then there were stories that Zander was off to Stoke City…
  3. On the subject of players moving from one club to another, Ronnie MacDonald and Allan Maitland took the Maryhill juniors side to Clyde…with great success.
  4. Very disappointed with that and nothing Robinson says will justify it. Why bring this guy to a ‘family/community’ club?
  5. Jeez oh. You’ll be hoping (praying) big Joe stays fit. A false economy if you ask me. Hladky would have been money well spent.
  6. Gallagher and Bates were defending like the Chuckle brothers last season. The season before he wasn’t great either. Maybe he’d regain his form here, who knows. I recall he was good at Livi and even as a young player on loan at Clyde. Obviously I don’t want to tear up the wage structure for Gallagher or Gogic, but given the choice of those two, I would opt for the guy who played well for us last season. Rather than the guy Aberdeen are desperate to ship out of their club. Opinions, eh?
  7. Forget Gallagher and double the offer made to Gogic.
  8. I get that Gallagher did well under Robinson at ‘Well, but I would be disappointed if we brought him to our club. Talk of stretching our budget and swapping good players for him is laughable.
  9. Latest rumour is that he’s heading for Hartlepool, so we might see him soon anyway….
  10. It was mentioned on the Thistle thread the other day that he was heading to Firhill.
  11. He hasn't arrived yet, as he's picking up Jack Hamilton on the way. Jack keeps dropping his training gear, so progress has been slow.
  12. £100k would be a bargain and JG knows it. He’ll be on the way soon. Top keeper and a real professional…and he’ll get a good reception from the St Mirren fans.
  13. Good signing for the 'Well. Typical Alexander signing...
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