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  1. The 1 can remember because I listened to it an hour ago so I’ll briefly remember he said a CH from down south set to join but we had wait until they were back from pre season overseas, everything was agreed they got back from the pre season and the day before he was supposed come up to sign the player called it off because we play on Astro and he never wanted that and he did go other another signing on why they never signed either but can’t remember what he said on that 1
  2. Honestly it gives an insight and it’s not for the lack of trying to get players in it’s the players themselves, the clubs, agents and more he went through
  3. Listen to the K107 news show on play back Murray explains his transfer dealings and why some hasn’t come to fruition
  4. I would recommend giving the K107 show a listen skip to the last 30 mins and it’s giving us insight into Murray’s transfer dealings and he did have players lined up and he did explain what the external factors were that didn’t get them over the line, he did Aldi say it WASN’T down to finances it’s a good listen
  5. There’s a guy on Facebook on some rovers supporters page who thinks he’s an ITK according to him that sim doesn’t want to spend on players as most of it will be going on paying the scum bag off……. Which I don’t believe but as I said Murray and the board would’ve sat down during contract negotiations and discussed the budget that Murray was happy with or let’s be real he wouldn’t of taken the job
  6. That’s why I think honestly we will get the best of out him when both Ross Matthews and Brad Spencer come back to do the dirty work and let Easton express himself
  7. people saying Budget this Budget that, would he of really taken the job on a 2 year deal if he wasn’t promised a budget that he needs for us too compete or what he requires what we need to get in to help us kick on? because that would’ve been negotiated during the discussions
  8. I think we will sign more players and it now looks like Murray has had realisation that he needs to as well so our business isn’t done, I’d say we need more that 1 Centre Back tbh
  9. The 1 thing we could look back and say about McGlynn and Smudger was at least they had us prepared and ready for the season starting none of this it’s a hard market/waiting on teams to loan players pish they got them in and ready unlike Murray that’s still hasn’t done enough where we need be and that’s the season started
  10. We need Spencer and Matthews back because we look like a more dominant midfield with those to in it, I just hope Murray doesn’t persists with the 4132 to accommodate Easton not saying he’s bad but doesn’t work for him without the right midfielder next to him or wingers try something different
  11. If he signs what’s required on Monday/Tuesday and get us actually prepared instead of fannying about with it we might actually be ready for Dundee
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