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  1. Indeed, not all Paul McGinn probably had his best spell at Hibs And John McGinn also won a major trophy at Saints and played Wanyama off the park in the semi
  2. John McGinn spent most of his time at Hibs in the Championship He played more than twice as many games in the top flight at St Mirren.
  3. IIRC, nearly all of that was just for Brian Hamilton An incredible piece of business for St Mirren. However, we pulled in a fortune at that time for the likes of Ferguson, Hamilton, Cameron & Winnie, even Paul Chalmers, Tommy Wilson, Billy Davies etc….. and we wasted it all on signing guys who were a complete waste of money
  4. It’s interesting, by and large, the guys who’ve played for both clubs, their best spells were invariably at St Mirren Andy Dow excepted
  5. I just added in Gerry Baker before you posted that! honest!
  6. Andy Dow….. shiver golden oldie strikers….. Gerry Baker, Ally McLeod & Jim Blair
  7. Walking down to Haymarket station this evening from work, it was difficult to tell between those dressed up for a Halloween party as a zombie and those going to Tynecastle
  8. There have been 21,238 excess non-Covid deaths registered in England and Wales in the 25 weeks since April 23rd, according to the latest official data from the Office for National Statistics, released on Tuesday. This is 9% more than expected, based on an average of the previous five years. The latest spike in excess deaths “coincides” with the winter roll out of vaccine boosters
  9. To date in 2022 there have been 44% more Covid hospital admissions than in the same period in 2021. What’s more, already in 2022 we have had 12% more hospital admissions than in the entirety of 2021. There have been 39% more Covid hospital admissions in the first 289 days of 2022 than there were in the 289 days from March 19th 2020 to the end of December 2020. Source: Government’s Coronavirus Dashboard Yet folk still think the experimental and untested covid “vaccines” are effective
  10. Indeed. Postecoglou is an idiot. My gran could do the same job as that fool. And she died 10 years ago
  11. Postecoglou is clueless Signs a load of expensive players who can dominate Scottish football then thinks that he can compete against far superior players by playing them at their own game He doesn’t know what he’s doing GIRUY Ceptic
  12. Of all the third seeds, Norway was definitely one I wanted to avoid. They have a far superior squad
  13. Rangers had beaten St Mirren more times than any other club ever before they went bust. St Mirren are at the top end of clubs that have spent a lot of time in the top flight but at the lower end of that group, which explains this record. Sevco are a different club so not including them in this
  14. You’ve still failed to highlight any conspiracy theories I’ve promoted. Being sceptical of the efficacy of the covid vaccine is not a conspiracy theory And the fact that you unfailingly believe everything the mainframe stream media tells you isn’t a conspiracy theory either. It’s just a sign of your stupidity
  15. I’ll ask again, seeing as you failed first time. What conspiracy theories have I talked about?
  16. Amusing? Factual is the word you are looking for If my club had gone out of business I’d have given up rather than going to watch an unconnected brand new start up I just couldn’t get into watching a different club Glory hunting bigots who are losers in life obviously have a different attitude
  17. Which conspiracy theories have I talked about? The reality is, you are a fool who had to PM me to ask me to explain how compound interest works
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