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  1. Billy Gilmour is a bit like Paul McStay The main differences being that McStay was better and got to his mid 20s before it was clear that no one wanted him and he wasn’t good enough
  2. And failed at Norwich and now no one wants him
  3. Been following the game from a roof top pool in Spain with a gorgeous blonde, drinking beer and showing off my 6 pack All statements true glorious
  4. The reality is that the current Chelsea manager doesn’t rate him
  5. Yeah, totally agree, it’s a squad game and this might actually help Scotland
  6. You’ve just basically repeated the post I replied to originally. I refer you to my previous answer. Hey ho.
  7. The fact that Old Firm fans are allowed to behave like arseholes is no reason why Saints fans should Pointing to the bad behaviour of Old Firm as justification for your own bad behaviour is pretty poor Just let the Old Firm fans get on with it. It’s to the detriment of their own fellow supporters. I know Old Firm who have been to away games but won’t go again because of the behaviour of their fellow fans. I know an Old Firm fan whose has taken along his older father to away games but just won’t do it again cos his father isn’t able to stand and watch games. Old Firm fans with young kids can’t go either because of this. Plus, in general, they behave disgustingly. Its good that the Police don’t intervene. Why should they. Let the OF fans ruin it for their fellow fans.
  8. Kiltie straight back into the starting line up Few folk on here kept telling us how there was place for Kiltie in a 3-5-2 line up
  9. On the bench tonight for Arsenal after coming back from injury, came on as a late sub. But his replacement, Zinchenko had a great debut with the assist for the first goal. Looks like Tierney faces some tough competition and will need to stay fit.
  10. I hate Dunfermline i know my history and I know what occurred in the 1961 Scottish Cup Semi Final that triggered Dunfermline’s subsequent success and my club’s decline You are where you belong now
  11. Are Killie fans singing the song because they liked the Harry Clay original or cos they are apeing the sectarian version? That’s a rhetorical question btw
  12. You have me on ignore yet you’ve read my reply and responded
  13. I don’t know what’s worse Killie Billy boys apeing a notorious Rangers sectarian song or Killie Billy boys defending it Hang your heads in shame guys shocking
  14. I have no idea why you care. Why do you? I never said it was sectarian. I asked why Killie fans wish to ape a notorious sectarian song?
  15. St Mirren fans sang a version in the mists of time, Buddie boys, etc But it’s not been sung for around 3 decades It would absolutely never happen at St Mirren now The fact that clubs’ fans still do it is a disgrace
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