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  1. Robinson quoted as saying he hopes to sign one more player at a stretch
  2. It wouldn’t be confirmation at all. There are many folk who don’t vote in general elections because they don’t want to vote for any of the parties. Because it’s first past the post, many seats have very limited options standing. Just because the SNP want to make it a single issue vote doesn’t make it so.
  3. I voted to remain on both the previous Scexit and Brexit polls I’ll be boycotting any pretend poll this time around if it were to go ahead
  4. 6,466 deaths above average with an underlying cause other than COVID-19 registered since April 23rd 2022 in the last 8 weeks according to latest ONS data. This coincides with the spring rollout of fourth doses of the vaccine to the over-75s, which began around the end of March Around 80% of the non-Covid excess deaths in May were in the over-75s. The UKHSA has registered around 4 million booster doses distributed to over-75s since March 21st up to June 19th Move along, nothing to see here…..
  5. *if* we were to sign O’Connor and *if* we played with a back 4 then I’d imagine that the current central defenders won’t be happy, there may be interest in them and we might want to free up a wage. 3 back up central defenders would possibly be excessive. All ifs though. Maybe we’re not interested in O’Connor now we have Gallagher and / or we’ll play 3 in central defence
  6. Why would we attempt to offload one of our current central defenders if we signed O’Connor and paired him with Gallagher in a back 4?
  7. Looks like we lined up 4-3-3 in both halves tonight I could see O’Connor coming in to line up alongside Gallagher and attempting to offload one of Fraser, Shaughnessy or Dunne.
  8. Can just imagine JG meeting prospective new signing at the airport, getting into his car with him and then ‘hail hail’ etc
  9. It’s ironic that most of the angriest voices supporting pro choice in the Roe v Wade decision are those who wanted to force covid vaccinations on everyone
  10. My niece died in her bed at the age of 29. Even after an autopsy, the cause of death was “undetermined” I know her unexplained death is not isolated. I can see the thousands of non covid excess deaths being reported by the ONS, the NRS and in countries around the world. The virtue signallers who supported this have those deaths on their hands. They will come to realise what they’ve done over the years to come. The tragedy is that it will result in huge distrust of the medical profession, the pharmaceutical industry and government which will in itself cause millions more to die.
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