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  1. It’s also players on holiday time so half expecting no news till next week at earliest
  2. I’m assuming it’ll be a player/coach role, which seems logical
  3. 21k if using full capacity of pitch I’m sure, but I’m sure I heard 25, but that might be just my imagination.
  4. A really nice guy, only met him once at a radio conference years ago, very pleasant and a pleasure to chat to.
  5. You can’t do that with managers, players yeah, if he’s under contract you have to seek permission 1st. If a club has a whiff that we’re “discussing” then it’s Morton mk2,
  6. They did have a couple businesses helping with Dobbie’s wage, dunno if they have the same financial support now.
  7. Apart from about 6 houses South Broomage hasn’t changed 1 bit, and of the pals MR played footy with at the Ladeside pitches the vast majority were and still are Falkirk fans, and LHS had a healthy Falkirk support.
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