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  1. Normally in these sell on clauses it’s the %age of the “profit” so anything over his original transfer fee, it’ll still be a fair whack, papers saying 200-300k.
  2. If you listen to the JM interview he says forest moved the goalposts, so either wanted more money or guarantee of game time, given PJ’s performances the last 2 games I’d say they wanted us to contribute more money to his wage, cause he would deffo be 1st choice imo.
  3. Whoever is writing these updates really should step away from the keyboard and pass this job onto someone else.
  4. For me it shows that If you want to call the shots in any club you need cash behind you, whether it’s through your own or other peoples ….we have a club that at the moment has neither.
  5. The issue with these type of things isn’t when the obituary procedure starts but when it ends or fades out, nobody wants to be the first or show insensitivity by restarting to early. Saturday games off for me is sensible and hopefully games back next Saturday. Only thing in terms of FFC that’ll be a drop of a few grand from a Saturday to a midweek fixture., which isn’t what we want.
  6. Pj left on crutches, so not great and with Hogarth rumoured I doubt he’ll be out for a couple of weeks cause you could get an emergency keeper on loan.
  7. Thing that gets me is the uk & I thing is basically to protect the sky deal, but they only show prem games, so why not allow lower league teams to stream, it won’t effect fans at a prem game, but will give the leagues below a possible extra income.
  8. It was a non story probably instigated by his agent to try and drum up interest.
  9. What a total waste of 2.5k a week, could have just kept it for this season, but then again if we all had a crystal ball we’d be lottery winners lol
  10. Watching the doc last night, it’s obvious that Nevin was Roxburgh’s “man” worked with him throughout the age groups, he knew him, trusted him etc. I agree a shame crunchie couldn’t get a call up for a friendly, but as we know managers have favourites and get blinkered.
  11. Yeah disappointing, but friendlies for us are notoriously poorly supported, plus it’s not part of a season ticket, should have just made the first Dunfermline home game “crunchie day” like what they did with Latapy with donation buckets on the day. Considering there is a legacy donation it could be (hopefully not) a poor amount.
  12. The branding and blurb today does make it look like its the 25th anniversary of the cup final and celebrating defeat, for me naming it before say the scum game would give it more meaning and the type of atmosphere that crunchie deserves a full south stand rockin….
  13. It’s also players on holiday time so half expecting no news till next week at earliest
  14. I’m assuming it’ll be a player/coach role, which seems logical
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