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  1. Did Gilmour save the club? You’ve not mentioned it there at all.
  2. Just went to see my GP because I’ve been feeling pretty shite over the last couple of days and learned that my doctor has been our club doctor since the start of June! Remember reading one of the doom and gloom merchants on bawarmy saying we haven’t had a club doctor since May but that was clearly a lie.
  3. Interesting tweet from one of the recently resigned SMISA board members.
  4. Gutted for Stuart and Jack missing out on the SMISA board, felt like they deserved a chance but it wasn’t to be.
  5. Not one person has said Gilmour doesn’t care about the club, he’s given more to the club than any of us could ever dream of giving. A good few fans just don’t think he should be anywhere near Smisa/St Mirren in 2022.
  6. If we’ve spent a million on Curtis Main it’s well worth it.
  7. Main, Tanser, Millar, covering %’s of Jones/Ronan wages, Kiltie and Power would’ve all came a high cost I think. I’d like to think we’ve been smart and got these guys in on decent deals (think Aberdeen are paying a lot of Gallagher’s wage as one example) rather than us bursting the bank for it but we’ll need to see what the script is when the accounts are out.
  8. It was rumoured to be the 2021/22 season we overspent.
  9. I think no matter how the vote went Gilmour was going to end up involved somehow.
  10. I don’t think he’s meaning they’ve left due to their support of SG, rather leaving because they don’t want involved with a guy who has already had his chance and doesn’t deserve another.
  11. It’s a massive no to Gilmour from me and hopefully most others. That 2nd last paragraph in his statement stating we’re in a difficult time are very very similar to the posts from Glen, SuperSaints1877, Animal etc on bawarmy, happy to say we’re in a crisis but never showing any proof or giving sources. Fingers crossed John White and the 2 younger lads get on with either Wullie or Kenny making up the other position.
  12. He wasn’t registered as a player this season, guessing that’s why he’s been able to register at another club.
  13. Same guy that told him Steven Davis was DEFINITELY signing
  14. Bare Bum Boxing it was. I would’ve paid handsomely to see it.
  15. Kiltie is a long way away from starting for us IMO. If letting him go frees up space to give the likes of Henderson, Taylor and Reid a go then I’m not against it. Our fans do love a right good panic though!
  16. Me too. If this has had happened last year it would’ve been a total disaster but we look to be in a better place than back then.
  17. I park on McKenzie Street and have done for years, never had any bother and it’s a baw hair away from the stadium!
  18. Brophy picked up his ligament injury from booting the bottom of someone’s boot last season
  19. You are absolutely clueless. Motherwell lad got chucked out for celebrating a goal, not murdering someone.
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