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  1. Brophy picked up his ligament injury from booting the bottom of someone’s boot last season
  2. You are absolutely clueless. Motherwell lad got chucked out for celebrating a goal, not murdering someone.
  3. I would not be against us wearing this seasons away kit in every match from now until the end of time
  4. Aye I think that’s what it is. Guys been posting absolute nonsense on the Facebook pages about the new board too on a few occasions.
  5. Stewart Gilmour has acted like a bit of a numpty at the last few meetings with the club.
  6. A fair few rumours have been flying about that Fitzpatrick and Goodwin made a right Noel Hunt of the budget.
  7. Obika got an absolutely mental amount of abuse in the 2-2 v Hibs in the February of 2020. Some folk who I genuinely thought were reasonable turned in to absolute morons attacking the guy that day.
  8. Depends how much the travelling has affected him, jet lag can be a pain in the arse.
  9. He plays for my mates amateur team on a Saturday morning
  10. Really underwhelming to be honest but I can’t imagine the lack of game time he’s had over the past 2 years helped that. Could see how good he can be in flashes but just never got fully firing.
  11. Aye we’re hoping that eases peoples minds a bit
  12. He definitely is one of the good guys, so enthusiastic and seems incredibly determined to succeed at us.
  13. Appreciate that it’s obviously St Mirren related but we got Keith Lasley on our podcast for a chat last night if anyone fancies checking it out.
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