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  1. I genuinely can’t think of any club at any level in the past few years that has disclosed a fee and rightly so - it’s daft to let other clubs know how much money you have.
  2. We’ve called back Offord and Jamieson to cover Olusanya and Brophy going out.
  3. He’s never scored for fun for anyone - no doubting he’s a good player when he’s in form but those days are few and far between sadly.
  4. Tough times for folk and we’re off the back of 3 or 4 pretty expensive away trips. I didn’t expect us to be near 3000 in all honesty.
  5. Going by the rumours it’s either Dingwall or Australia. Only one winner there if it was me
  6. Glad to have Offord back - by all accounts he’s very highly rated by the management team. I think this means the end of Brophy’s time at the club. Still a bit gutted at how it’s worked out for him because I thought he was going to be a great signing.
  7. I don’t have an issue with them giving us 600 or whatever the number is - they are doing the right thing by looking after their own fans and I’d hope we would do the same if we had the fan base for it.
  8. Agreed - if he doesn’t turn out to be a good signing then that’s cool, he’ll be on a relatively low wage and it’s a project that didn’t work. Most of the stands groaning when he took his first touch of the ball yesterday was embarrassing and I felt awful for the guy. He’ll be knocking his pan in to try prove himself at this level and he needs encouragement,
  9. Cheers! Never had a thought about the bottom point but that’s a great one to make - there’s barely a rumour about the club signing players now and if there’s is it’s usually minutes before they are announced.
  10. Any contributions to this would be very much appreciated - gives us more to talk about incase we’ve missed anything in our own notes!
  11. I don’t think I’ve seen a team as unlucky for injuries in a long time, some massive players missing near enough every week.
  12. Not sure why folk are pretending it’s going to be easy to replace Erhahon - he’s been comfortably one of our best players this year and credit to him for kicking on the way he has this year. Gogic is absolutely good enough to start and will compliment O’Hara/Baccus/Kiltie well but let’s not pretend he’s as good as passer or as composed on the ball as Ethan.
  13. My 2 pals were on comms today - I’ll pass that on!
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