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  1. Think it's a bit poor running the guy down,he had give him a free cause of his injury,he wisny the worst player that we had this season.
  2. I don't see this fixation with Partick ths and Ian mcall right he uses to manage us so what,if he wanted any of our players why did he not try and get them in the winter window.
  3. Thay have only won 1 game at home since Jan a 1-0 win against Arbroath.
  4. Conceed 50 goals and 1 of your main central defender gets another years contract,Muirhead he is a mistake waiting to happen every week.
  5. Another big let down,but that's nothing new ever since the watching them since 86-87 season,nearly ever meaning full game thay have flunk it.
  6. Right he might come back and score against us but we need to be more positive no always negative.
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