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  1. Not paid much attention to them, has Harvey Swann not been getting a game? Just can’t make it over tonight, wish I could, let’s take the first win over a team in the top half.
  2. Yes, noticed the hot dog price was £4.50. The pie I got was £3 and I like to think I’m not too greedy a boy but it was pretty flimsy and felt like it was gone in about 4 bites. A couple of the older boys standing along the end of the terracing brought some rather nice looking stovies in from Stephens bakers, they looked damn good, especially compared to my underwhelming pie.
  3. That’s a great deal, I remember reading about that option for season ticket holders. Is the lounge open as a pay bar to anyone after the game or just for hospitality/Club 135 folk? If it’s open to anyone could be another thing to publicise, especially if a few players pop in for a chat. Normally we drive over so a couple of drinks not an option, but if there was something organised every so often might get the train over like did on Saturday and stay for a drink (£8 return from Edinburgh, bargain).
  4. Yeah, noticed there were a couple of tv’s that could have been used, but you’ve probably hit the nail on the head that satellite costs would be way too expensive. Those pies sound good just thinking about them, wonder if the football club run the food hut or if it’s the stadium owners (guessing the owners)?
  5. Yeah, the lounge could maybe be used to drive some additional income. I went in for a drink Saturday and was pleasantly surprised that there were a couple of groups enjoying the hospitality, maybe 15-20 people. Not sure if that’s typical for a Saturday game, if so, it leaves some room for other fans but not a huge amount of space. £3 for a bottle of Peroni was more than reasonable (used to Edinburgh prices ), and there were quite a few people buying drinks. Some sort of deal that is priced lower than the regular hospitality, but without taking the risk of taking business away from the existing hospitality income stream might work. Say, £20 for entrance, a couple of bottles and a programme (wasn’t impressed with the £3 pie on Saturday from the hut, that’s why I said programme ) If there are games when there are not much in the way of hospitality bookings, you could advertise it in advance, as you know there would be more space to spread out in the lounge. And I agree, if you could entice a former player along before the game in the lounge now and again, and advertise it, might get some people along.
  6. They are playing Liverpool tomorrow in the UEFA youth league, possibly to do with that?
  7. Don’t think I have seen it mentioned here but the programme said that Mark Donaldson has left the club. He featured quite a lot at the start of the season but don’t think he has even been on the bench of late, suppose with some of the players we have brought in, his chance of any game time has reduced to nothing. Also noticed that Chris Aikamhemze got the winner for Livingston United yesterday, well done Chris. They are second in the league, chasing Scott Sinclair’s former team Bo’ness Athletic who are going really well by looks of things.
  8. Was in quite sharp so popped in to the lounge for a couple of drinks, nice to see so many people in, with your group and the other one which I take it was the one commemorating the supporter who would have turned 100. Very well behaved bunch you were as well.
  9. Oh dear, what a shame, there wouldn’t be any GIRFUY from him today then.
  10. Forgot to add I was standing where usually do along the far end of the terracing and was quite close to a band of about 20 East Stirling fans, thought they were great and supported their team as well as could be expected given the hiding they got. A couple of them got a bit ratty when a few 50/50 decisions didn’t go their way, and they gave the ref and linesman a bit of stick, but overall they were quite funny and resigned to their fate long before the end, but they mostly all stayed to the bitter end (maybe to boo their players )
  11. What a great performance today, no exaggeration to say it could easily have been 7 or 8 and not flattered us. Some lovely goals and link up play. Although East Stirling are struggling they have had a couple of decent draws in recent weeks, so it wasn’t a given. Of the new boys Iain Davidson was class today and I was impressed with most of what Carlos Lyon did, with the exception of his finishing, was willing him to score but wasn’t to be, got a good reception from the fans when he was subbed. Ewan Thomson will have got a great lift from his goals, his second was a great move after superb lead up work from Scott Sinclair. Struthers goal was a beauty as well.
  12. Just a quick half time post to say brilliant first half; should be out of sight. We have had the strong wind, interesting to see if it makes any difference. If Iain Davidson is past it, please send some more like that our way.
  13. Solo trip over the Forth for me today as my daughter spent yesterday evening throwing up so misses her own football and the Cowden. The two bosses in the house have kindly granted permission for me to abandon them for the afternoon. Is the Andy Matthew lounge fine for a pint before the match? I’m quite happy to sit in the corner like an old codger with a drink, so don’t need anything fancy.
  14. Congrats to @NELLY 1 on the appointment, you have quite the wide ranging role. And to the others as well, hopefully take the club forward in different ways (sorry if Craig and/or Alex post on here and I’m not aware, sure a lot of you know them)
  15. Right enough, I forgot about that caveat, far too complicated
  16. Yeah, definitely a no lose game absolute minimum, but to me a win is really important to lift a bit of the understandable gloom that is around at the moment.
  17. My understanding is that it’s pretty much like @monthecoo said; One team will be relegated from the Lowland League, unless the Highland League team wins the overall play off against the bottom League 2 team, if that happens two teams will be relegated from the Lowland League.
  18. Even more bizarre that he only signed the boy two or three weeks ago. I am assuming he has the final say on player recruitment.
  19. I’m in the incredible position of agreeing with your whole post. Strange times indeed.
  20. Absolute respect for you and anyone else going to these away matches, especially midweek, thanks for the honest appraisal.
  21. A well thought out and balanced post, can’t disagree with any of it. No idea how the game went tonight performance wise, but disappointing to lose narrowly again. A few close games tonight, teams like Dalbeattie and Edinburgh Uni only losing by a goal, so essential we start putting more points on the board and getting clear. Onwards to Saturday with the hope things will get better, what else is to be done but keep going.
  22. Any news on who will be between the sticks tomorrow?
  23. And scored on his debut. Glad he has gone on loan, needs regular playing time at his age, no point in getting 10 minutes here and there.
  24. If he played 38 games for Brechin last season for a team that finished 2nd in the HL, it doesn’t sound like done to me. That’s an impressive number at any age. They wouldn’t have played someone that often when pushing for promotion if he was not at the races. Good luck to Iain.
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