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  1. I disagree a little with your first statement, particularly given the experience we had in our squad last season, compared to virtually zero this year. Had an awful run of results and performances last year around this time for a couple of months. Not sure anything this year has been as dismal as Civil Service in the cup. It would be good to hear from the manager more often, seems there is a bit of a veil of silence, particularly regarding player availability/injuries, the communication to fans (other than Nelly on here) is quite poor.
  2. I’ve not been overly impressed with Sinclair to be honest so far, know he was injured almost right from the off, so may still be getting back to best. Think he has played in 3 of the 4 games I’ve seen, small sample admittedly, and I do appreciate he has stepped up a level and is playing in a struggling team, so I am still hopeful for him.
  3. Doesn’t feel like he ever gets long enough of a chance to flatter to deceive. Hope the new striker Slaven is back soon, guess still injured after hobbling off recently The new goalie Ruddy wasn’t even on the bench so we had no sub goalie (not sure Dalbeattie did either), very odd.
  4. Was at Simple Minds in Princes Street Gardens last night, they always put on a good show, no exception last night. Must have bought the tickets almost 3 years ago, was originally meant to be August 2020. It was labelled a greatest hits show, so there were some songs I could have lived without, Belfast Child never seemed to end. Annoyingly they more recently added a second night tonight and are playing New Gold Dream all the way through plus some hits, that would have been much more up my street.
  5. Looked like the wee shop was doing a good bit of business today, despite the small crowd. Good range of merchandise this season, well done, daughter’s wanting one of those t-shirts next time we’re over.
  6. Times are tough at Cowdenbeath, no doubt about it, but the programme never fails to cheer me up. A double (larger) issue for the next two home games which I think is a very sensible idea.
  7. The programme for the Cowden game at Meadowbank was excellent, pulled no punches on some of the issues about the stadium. Showing my age, but I recognise that name from the Meadowbank Thistle days when I used to go to games from time to time as it was close to home.
  8. I would really like Aikhamenze to be given a run as starter, must be some way to fit him in to the system. He always look lively in the limited time he is given, and did again today. Also noticed that Sammy Ompreon liked quite a few recent Cowden instagram posts, must keep an eye on things is he pining for a return to Central Park? On the bright side, at least we’re not Man Utd fans.
  9. Second half was much better, more urgency and had Dalbeattie on the back foot for most of it, had a number of chances to win it, passed them up. Long old season in store.
  10. Not very encouraging first half. Started off ok with plenty possession but Dalbeattie came more into it and it was no surprise when they scored. Feels like we are second to every ball when trying to build attacks, or the passes are getting over hit and the front players are getting frustrated. It’s going to get better second half. I hope.
  11. Just saw the Twitter post @NELLY 1, hope you have a great day, you’ve got a cracker weather wise. And make sure you turn the wee Twitter notifications off, at least at the important part
  12. That’s got bad karma written all over it Bollocks of a journey from Edinburgh today, hour and a half to get to Halbeath
  13. Really sad if sub 200 crowds are going to be the normal now for a lot of matches. Only a couple of months ago there was around a thousand Cowden fans at the home leg of the play off, what a pity that even a third of them don’t come along on a regular basis. The admission cost couldn’t be any cheaper now, under 12’s are free, the cost of going to a game is less than it’s ever been. I don’t know what the answer is, I know times are hard financially for some people now, but it’s only the cost of a couple of pints or so. Anyway, only positive vibes today.
  14. Up for this today, coming over for the game, me and daughter well up for it, missus a bit less so, but 3 tickets bought so she’s nae choice. Hope the crowd’s decent for this one for what is an important game so early in the season.
  15. @NELLY 1 mentioned at the weekend, a few pages back, that he was maybe 7-10 days away from returning.
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