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  1. You can park in the big retail park where Sainsburys is for free for up to 3 hours. It’s a 5 minute walk from there.
  2. Good tidy player, starting to bounce around now though for someone still quite young. Noticed that Bisland played the full game for the second week in a row, Peterhead won the basement battle with Clyde 1-0.
  3. Yeah, and with Hearts being idle it may have encouraged a few of the curious over.
  4. I don’t think there is any way they can get out the bottom two, so I guess they are just putting all their efforts into not being last, and hoping that this will be enough to save them, which it may depending on the permutations.
  5. Your username is somewhat apt. Glad that there was no denial of my point though, so thanks.
  6. Spin this one Tranent, living within our means, not getting bankrolled in any shape or form blah blah. James Keatings, signing for Tranent for the love of the club I’m sure, no wait a minute he’s Glaswegian, but did once break down in Tranent on the way to the Hibs Training Centre.
  7. No a bad idea, keep the lads sharp and see if there is any untapped potential out there. Get a much better idea in a match situation.
  8. Sorry if this is an obvious question, and the answer is probably a resounding ‘no’, but is there a way to access pre 2014 threads, are they archived elsewhere or are they consigned to internet dust?
  9. Highlights are up, my impatience has been rewarded.
  10. Were we interested in Martin Rennie earlier in the season when he went out on loan? I seem to remember something or other. I see he has been released by Montrose, sure his wages will be out our range.
  11. I watched the interview with the Stirling manager on their Twitter, thought he came across very well, no excuses. After the mild disagreements on the touch line between the benches near the end i thought he might be arsey, but if he was they edited it out.
  12. The Stirling Uni Twitter updates for the game we’re excellent, was reading them back, especially the one on 85 minutes that said along the lines of ‘yes we saw you sneaking all the spare match balls up the tunnel Cowdenbeath’ Great stuff.
  13. You’re no as old as I thought you might be Tam I’m just jealous though, I never went to Uni, it would have been a little bit earlier musical era than that. Actually, what am I talking about, never much liked students, especially the ones that over populate their own facility at Peffermill, and make it too busy for us plebs.
  14. Quite like the centre of Dundee, the regenerated area by the V&A has been done well, and they’ll find some decent bars in the centre I’m sure.
  15. Yeah I saw the lady with the dogs, she had asked on Twitter if dogs were ok to come in, she was the Mum of one of their players. In reality the 1000 ‘fans’ of Stirling Uni are just a bunch of students, who will be roughing it in Dundee for the day. I hope they are all right.
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