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  1. Our O line is addicted to holding. So immature and it fucks our drives time and time again
  2. Whatever Bills coach that was needs to calm it down a notch.
  3. Biggest negative about not winning last night is the next round is on a Saturday so there won’t be a league game that week. Obviously means they can rest but a Saturday with no fitba is always tragic.
  4. For me, the best player along with Dempsey. Nice to know if Murdoch ever gets injured again that there’s a man there.
  5. Would like to ask fans of Aidan McAdams what in the name of f**k they see in him. Every corner could’ve been a goal and he dived about a second early for every penalty. Albinson is twice the goalie he will ever be.
  6. Morton fan* The hospitality bit is always full of weirdos at cappielow
  7. Mcginty cannot play another game in the league when we are full strength. It’s no wonder every team he’s played for boos him when he returns. Bangala is a pler. Throwing himself into everything and is the provider of most of our on the ground stuff. Not going to judge Young tonight because he’s not getting the service Akinyemi gets but he is doing well with what he can.
  8. So football appeals more to the English Nationalists than the RF? Pleasing. Also the two highest watched programmes have been filled with heartache and grief. Pleasing.
  9. Dreadful quarterback. Signing just felt like a temporary fix until they find someone long term. Can’t see where a win will come from.
  10. Christ that pocket collapsed in about half a second. Mariota just doesn’t have the decision making of a top QB to do something about it. Game gone 0-2.
  11. So this is what it feels like on the other side…
  12. Some amount of boos in Denver for Week 2. Falcons are in a shite state of affairs. Going to adopt the Giants as my temporary second team until they are beaten.
  13. From one dead entity to another, a match encompassing the monarchy superbly.
  14. So so disrespectful to show the silhouette of Her Majesty with her head caved in.
  15. Has nobody thought of the idea that the sacred box that the most normal of islanders are all queuing up to stare at is actually just a decoy and there’s nothing in it? She’s probably in storage somewhere lying in a freezer waiting her turn.
  16. Hard to hate the chiefs when they come out with plays like that.
  17. Does your head in. Defence goes away from what was working. Pisses me off. Still team does look better. Seems to be a recurring theme of the bed-shittings of the last few years is that whatever worked is completely forgotten about when it gets down to the wire. A constant stream of 10+ yard passes with no answer. I did like the look of us in the other 3 quarters. A squad of young, hungry guys and hopefully they aren’t too disheartened.
  18. Sick of this team. Absolute laughing stock. No wonder coca-cola is based in Atlanta because it’s full of fking bottlers.
  19. What a block. Bengals Special teams doing running all week this week.
  20. My heart can’t take this. At least when we’re shit my heart can rest.
  21. Mariota getting a bit excited there. Should probably have just slid after he reached the sticks.
  22. Praying this isn’t just because it’s the Saints. Never felt this confident in the defence in a while.
  23. The fact Ayr were even mentioned in the same sentence as Kelly, credible source or not, is a bit of a positive.
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