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  1. I’d love to sit on the bench for my country. I’m sure they’ll be absolutely raging.
  2. On one hand I think it would be really harsh to not give McKenzie a contract right now. But on the other I think if you’re looking at building for better things and not just stagnating then we need a small core kept on. Not just resigning everyone which seems to be the plan.
  3. 18/19 was different because of the reasons mentioned above. We had been sent down at the first attempt on the last 3 occasions and nothing at the club level had drastically changed since so all we wanted was to stay up. The football being played was also exciting and we lost a lot of close games that season. This time we’re in our 5th consecutive season and everything off the park is changing for the better. It’s acceptable for folk to want more than we got 4 years ago from a more difficult position.
  4. I think it’s maybe the fanbase that are giving me that vibe rather than the club tbh. He seems to be viewed differently because the club off the field is improving leads people automatically to think on the field is the same.
  5. I think he’s being wheeled out as a permanent and integral part of the ‘plan’ in the same way that Mathie is, so I don’t think a top 5 finish will be anywhere near enough for Smith to get rid. There’s also practically no negative feeling towards him except on this dark corner of the inter web.
  6. From what I’ve seen of Ecrepont he isn’t much better defensively than Reading but he does provide more in attack. I’d want better than both though if we are to be a serious team.
  7. How different would the general mood be if Hamilton and Cove weren’t utterly rancid against us
  8. Lyon 1-1 Nantes Hadn’t been to a Ligue 1 game yet so picked this one. Poor crowd size compared to Lyon’s heyday but that can be excused since they’re having a tough season. Atmosphere was excellent for the 38000 however and the football was a welcome change from watching Ayr. Scrappy goal and a bizarre OG in the first 25 mins. Crowd absolute hate Aouar and Dembele and I’ve not yet researched why.
  9. I’m sure we employ at least one analyst (correct me if I’m wrong) so I’d like to know if it’s not those stats then what are they analysing? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a football team utilise their midfield as little as ours, good or bad. It’s got to the point I usually forget Dempsey is playing. I only know McAlear is playing because he usually fucks up.
  10. Dempsey getting a constant free ride has always bewildered me. We probably have the worst midfield in the division at the moment. One man can’t do it all but he hasn’t even done anything of note recently for me except score a few penalties.
  11. If ever a post screamed reactionary pish it’s this one. I thought he made the difference at Cappielow. No way Kirk should be dropped to accommodate him but Musonda is clearly our best centre back.
  12. I would hope it will be Bullen that’s remembered for that the same way as Brian Reid is remembered for 2012
  13. That’s got to be you that’s wrote that surely. I don’t even think you could come up with that.
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