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  1. Will be interesting to see the Washington Huskies at Townhead Park. Can’t get much more random than that. One of the better collegiate teams in the US so curious to see what they’ll look like against us.
  2. Pleasing. Hertha goalie with some raw passion at the end there.
  3. They read like something you’d hear at a funeral. Cringeworthy
  4. A new centre back to replace the two we’ve just lost?
  5. Another year of third tier irrelevancy for an absolutely wonderful club who I couldn’t speak highly enough of… Least your fans have Seville to look forward to on Wednesday.
  6. At least the 2020/21 Morton team we signed up actually won the playoffs. Would like to think our highly thought of recruitment process would move away from the age old policy of signing the most obvious jobbers from the same league.
  7. Happy for the few decent posters on here and my Rangers-supporting pals but that’s as far as it goes. Scottish football will be in a worse place if they win this. As will the city of Seville…
  8. This is my fear. All well and good saying we’ll sign 3 or 4 and everything will be fine and dandy. Just as much chance of those 3 or 4 being as shite/shiter than the ones they’re supposed to be replacing.
  9. The lowland league continuing to make the case for a new 5th tier stronger and stronger all by themselves.
  10. I don’t know, have they? One good season doesn’t make them a stable championship club.
  11. That can happen once we find a core of decent players to hold on to. We can attempt to move forward as a club without leaving ourselves wide open to disaster as plenty clubs have done in the past.
  12. 3 year deals at this level are extremely risky for both player and club and it’s why they are so rare. We’re going to need to be pretty competitive with wages to tie down McInroy etc. So what if we go down next year and we have two years of fairly high wages to pay players in the league below. It’s suicide.
  13. Don’t get the hype about Reading. Utterly ragdolled by a geriatric Chris Burke in 1.5 games at Rugby Park plus in numerous other games this season. Can’t swing a cross in or stop a cross either. 1 on 1 defending is non existent. Gets a bit of sympathy for being better than Houston though. However I’d be reluctant to replace him in case we ended up with someone worse. Bottom half championship player imo
  14. And rightly so. What I’d do to have him back…
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