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  1. Davidson now claiming Hallberg was substituted because he was ill. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/st-johnstone/3318375/callum-davidson-st-johnstone-missed-chance-to-put-ict-play-off-to-bed-but-will-bounce-back-in-second-leg/ He certainly didn't look or play like he was ill. It's almost like cautious Callum has read the reaction online and is manufacturing a pretext to disguise his incompetence.
  2. You seem to be mistaking this thread for a place where people give two f***s what a Morton fan thinks.
  3. Davidson: "Two really poor decisions let them back in the game. They got a little bit of momentum". Yeah, the first of those decisions was substituting Hallberg and the second one was substituting Middleton.
  4. I'm left wondering what it will take for him to be fired. He's only got this far because he's laundered credibility from a cup double that said a lot more about the quality of the team than the manager. How long until that credibility runs out? I don't think I can stomach another season with him at the helm.
  5. You clearly don't have much experience observing Davidson. His decision was completely predictable.
  6. Genuinely past caring. I refuse to watch another season of this. I'll endure poor form, but the incompetence is inexcusable. Davidson should have been fired months ago. Stevie May should be nowhere near a starting lineup. A football team should be capable of playing more than one formation and responding in more than one way to taking the lead. A football team should have plans in place to replace their best players before they sell them. By this point, I think relegation is the only thing that's going to give this club a reality check.
  7. I'm at the point I actually want to see us relegated if for no other reason than it pushes Davidson closer to the door. The game should have been wrapped up at half time, but the same backwards tactics and predictable/unsinspiring subs he's specialised in all season come back to bite us.
  8. The day the Great Escape died. We're finishing either 11th or 12th. I can't say it's not deserved; we go through phases but we're prone to playing like a Championship side. That said, with Clark in goal I suspect this would have finished 1-1. The biggest concern is our inability to play as a team. I suspect that's partly due to so many new players, but it was also a problem prior to the January window. Between defence, midfield and attack, it's like we're fielding three separate teams with three different objectives every week. I feel the blame for that falls squarely at Davidson's feet. We're like a deer in headlights the moment we reach the opposition's half. No one can think on the ball, everyone wants to get rid of it as soon as it's at their feet.
  9. A few of our players genuinely look like they can't be arsed.
  10. On a separate note, County better hope they hang onto Charles-Cook and Hungbo. The way they play it's almost like they've built their team around them.
  11. Game over. P(ar)ish is a disaster. Clark is saving that all day long.
  12. Middleton at LWB? He's about to become a defensive liability. We can't seem to hold onto anything in their half. It's frantic. It reminds me of our performances pre-Hallberg.
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