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  1. Ok, I may have fucked up. Although, a grammar mistake, is not as bad as supporting the shippy. Stevie McDonald has probably allowed his business on our away strip, as maybe we would have had a blan if not. I don’t think he will be trying to gain anything from it. I’m struggling to understand fans that have been here for years still trying to shoot the club down. You all need to realise sim isn’t going anywhere. He has actually done a considerable amount for the club. What? Get sim out? Then what? Maybe if that’s what you want then come up with some sort or plan b without killing the club.
  2. Unfortunately we’ve is an abbreviation, a contraction is when a women is In Labour. Hope the shippy get paggered as per usual. Weesht and that’s Scottish lingo if you want to look that up as well. Let’s get a game of scrabble soon…
  3. PS. Val McDermid. In regards to her Twitter account, I strongly disagreed with the clubs appointment of DG. And will support anything further forward to victims hurts by this upbringing. There is only one winner? I read on her recent tweet. I really am starting to wonder what is going on here. Does she want to just kill our club?
  4. That’s great that you think that it’s wrong is that not maybe his way of apologising by injecting money into the club. I love how quickly all the “supports” have started attacking a club that were meant to love. It’s so easy to gang up and voice hatred when the only thing that will keep this club alive is the constant support and following of local good hearted Kirkcaldy community. I’ll finish this post with 3 words ‘we’ve got McGlynn’
  5. Of course, this will never be forgotten about, and for me there’s a lot more questions to be answered from the BoD. After hearing McGlynn & Benys interview it does give us a wee bit, but not much of a clearer vision as to how this all gradually spired out of control. Yes ok, McGlynn approached the board but as you can hear him explain him nor the board did not anticipate this reaction. Back in dec when these rumours had been circulating, and emails has been sent from fans/sponsors etc. These emails were not reaching McGlynn &managment which I can understand, if they were, I don’t think we would even be talking about this subject right now. Surely our fans can see after being here how many years, he wants the best for the club as he always has. As for apologising to said victim, I obviously completely understand. I feel he certainly did firstly touch on it, but also feel he couldn’t direct or name for legal reasons etc.
  6. Couldn’t have put it better. Let’s get behind the team for the rest of the season.
  7. McGlynn and Smith came out with the players. Majority of fans were applauding the players imo. If McGlynn and Smith came out earlier than the players like what they always used to do, I’m certain it would have been a different story and reception.
  8. Bene, is a great guy. I was very surprised to see that article come out. It was considerably wrongly titled imo, as the media always is. I feel he was trying to get across as much as he could that him nor the squad had no opinion/action in the matter what he was being questioned about, but are professionals and are trying to carry out there roles/jobs as a professionally as possible.
  9. I wholeheartedly just want to support the playing squad tomorrow as I did on Tuesday, I know everyone feels different and I understand. It has been a crazy week to say the very least. The honest worst of it has been us “Our fans” dividing upon each other, for differing opinions. Which is completely acceptable at this moment in time, but it’s horrible to see. Obviously, majority of us can’t wait too see the back of this, although it’s a very long time away. Again I mentioned it before, I’m honestly not sure where we go from here. We would need to rent the stadium from Sim if he were not to be involved right? Could this honestly financially crumble us? As for Bene, he has been getting a lot of stick but as a captain, sometimes you are upon pressure from management/board to come out with a positive (In our case negative) statement.
  10. I thoroughly understand why you and others do not want to attend until Goodwillie is gone for good. What we all need to remember is this is OUR club. Yes, we do not want to be giving anymore money etc into the club in the meantime. I honestly do not know the next step? IMO there needs to be a complete clear out of management and board members, which I’m sure won’t take long. Yes, I will voice my opinions to them. But, for 90+ minutes tomorrow OUR squad will have my full backing. Our current players did not ask for this, neither should they suffer from one appointment. Bene’s statement also, yes he should not have said this. But do you really think he wanted to? I don’t think so. Bene, will be under a lot of pressure to try and calm the situation, which of course, has made it 100x worse.
  11. Ffs. This really was the last ever thing I ever thought was going to happen on Monday night. I fully understand majority are pushing for the management and remaining board to go. If they do, where do we go from there? Ps. I really think the players need our support, for example tomorrows game against accies. The players never asked for this. We need to support the players, not the board.
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