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  1. True. But I'd disagree he doesn't over-do it. Basically, he's a broadcaster with absolutely no redeeming qualities. Should be on Radio Clyde.
  2. Great news for people who like lots of unnecessary aggressive shouting and shoe-horned controversy on their Saturday afternoons. Dreadful, dreadful news. I can't believe the BBC still employ this guy.
  3. f**k me! Who the f**k thought this was a good idea?
  4. You've got this laddie comprehensively TELT several times now. His position is simply that, regardless of the facts and evidence, he doesn't like Hearts. I'd just leave him to it.
  5. I understand it's slightly more complicated than I'm making it out to be here, but why not play the games at the weekend? Teams with grass can use their training ground and teams with artificial surfaces can use their actual stadiums. I don't really see why not. I get that clubs like having midweek games to get returning players fit etc, but why not try to strike a balance with some of the games being available for fans to go to?
  6. The whole thing is completely amateurish. The clubs like to hide behind 'the SPFL', but the reality is the calibre of person running clubs in Scotland is absolutely shite, as evidenced by numerous shitshows in recent years and the absolute garbage many of them frequently come out with. Organisationally our game is laughably poor.
  7. Motherwell may not be the most glamorous location in the division, but replacing them with Bradford is not a step up, imo.
  8. I wish Hearts would just be straight with us and own up to the fact that they are trying their best to develop their young players. ADMIT IT! Budge out imo.
  9. https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/football/hearts/hearts-plan-new-b-team-to-compete-with-old-firm-3555636 https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/hearts-lowland-league-plan-gets-26661874 Club presents entirely consistent and logical position = LIES! Have a day off.
  10. That's a disgrace. What if someone's neighbours or colleagues found out?
  11. People who do this completely fail to understand the structure of youth fitba. The vast majority of players are jersey-fillers to provide a team for the (usually maximum) two or three players the club think might make it. Someone who is in Celtic's youth team is probably a better player than you or me, but there's absolutely no reason to assume they'll be good enough to play professionally at a high level. They probably won't be.
  12. Knew I could stop reading here, tbh.
  13. Didn't realise St Johnstone took Rangers' place in the Old Firm when they died. We had a wee holiday from it in Scotland, but the Old Firm have won five of the past six Scottish Cups and five of the last six League Cups. Even St Johnstone winning happened in the bizarre behind closed doors era. The glory years of non-OF wins only really lasted from 2012-16.
  14. I don't really think it does end. Not for ages anyway. It's easy to fixate on whether this group or that group deserve 10% or 15% or whatever. But the issue is those at the top of the tree hoarding wealth and making the rest of the population suffer. In centuries past we'd be nearing the point of beheading them, but instead we'll all just carry on. But I do think that eventually there's a violent tipping point to this. Not in a drama queen fashion, just that the avenues for normal people to do anything about their standards of living are being closed off while those at the top continue to fucking rake it in. You reach a pressure point eventually.
  15. I've found cups hard to keep up with in both Scotland and England as they've both just skewed towards the Scottish Old Firm or the English Old Firm winning them all the time. Hard to be bothered.
  16. Hutchison Vale? f**k me, he could have played in the Scottish Premiership and they'd probably have failed to mention it. As a long-time inhabitant of darn sarf, it cannot be emphasised enough how off-the-radar Scottish fitba is. Even to media people. Over the years I've known a few people who have worked on football in the Nottingham/Derby area, and a couple of people who have written for magazines etc. The complete ignorance of anything happening in Scottish fitba was striking at first, but you eventually get used to it. A lot of my English mates are really into fitba. From Premier League to the local non-league scene, a real range of enthusiasm. But most of them would be guessing if I asked them who won the Scottish Premiership last year. And that's just how it is. Scottish football does not exist. I remember in the build-up to the 2012 cup final I went out for a pint with a Hibs supporter I knew at the time. Barely any of our mates even knew that Hearts and Hibs were playing each other in the cup final. It hadn't registered one notch. This was quite handy for the Hibby, as nobody knew or cared that they'd had their arses handed to them. Don't hold your breath for a whole range of references to Scottish fitba in Qatar this winter.
  17. To be honest, you could apply that to most people. The title of 'politician' legitimises these thieves. Essentially, and with barely any exceptions, the political class is just rich people using the tools they have (public school, access to media, access to parliament, access to the judiciary) to protect their own economic interests. The interview in the clip above shows the response when the workers use the levers available to them. But it's just two groups doing the same thing. The difference is that one side has the legitimacy of a title and the illusion of respectability. They're just thieves. Plain and simple.
  18. I've got no real issues with McGeady's decision to play for Ireland. The SFA's own daft rule led him into the Irish system because he didn't play for his school team, despite having already played for the Scottish Schools team. Fucking farcical. - It's worth pointing out at this point that McGeady was already well-known as an outstanding prospect in youth circles and was already known to the SFA -That's classic SFA garbage, and it ultimately cost us a good player who they already knew about and who had represented Scotland. He went on to go to two Euros in a period where we went precisely nowhere. If you're angry at anyone, look at the SFA. Once he was in the Irish system from a young age, it's perfectly understandable that he felt comfortable there and a sense of loyalty towards them. Not to mention his family links. Add in that this was around the time that Ireland were a penalty shoot-out away from their second World Cup quarter-final in just over a decade and Scotland were drawing 2-2 with the Faroes and in a state of general shambles, I think it's perfectly understandable that Ireland looked the better career bet. Add in his roots in their system by that point and it would have been surprising had he chosen Scotland. I do take issue with the nonsense interview he gave claiming that he took abuse from 'real Scotland supporters' as opposed to those in Glasgow who, according to him, tend to support Ireland or England. This is complete fucking nonsense. As is his daft comparison with the likes of Arfield and MacLean. I can understand him having a bit of bitterness having taken loads of flack, but shite like that is just stupid. Don't really have a problem with him playing for Ireland though. In context, it was fair enough.
  19. 100% And I wish they'd show us the respect of just acknowledging this.
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