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  1. Maybe simply an age decision. They've brought in two mid-late 30s lads in Marshall and McGeady. Maybe just the squad profile doesn't allow for another one.
  2. Always think this is a daft thing to do. Fair enough if the ball bounces out of the goal, pick it up and run it back to the centre circle if you want. But by engaging with the opposition you just open the door to them manufacturing a wee scuffle to waste time and there's always the chance of getting a card. The ref's going to restart the game anyway. It almost certainly makes absolutely no fucking difference anyway.
  3. As mentioned above, Hearts' October is very tough indeed. Rangers and Celtic at home, Killie, Aberdeen, Ross County away, and three European games. We need to get off to a good start and get points in the bank before then. It's also true that being in touch with third at the World Cup break is good enough. 6 points behind would be fine, I think.
  4. Think this lad will be there with Wales. Oh, you said HUNKS! I do apologise.
  5. I think it's going to be interesting to see what our strategy is with this. There's a reasonable case to be made for keeping our powder dry for next season and having a bit of a spend next summer, but if the club think Europe plus third again is realistic this season (I don't think I do) then we will definitely need more numbers in. Those ITK seem to reckon there's a big signing coming if we win our EL qualifier, but I always take these things with a pinch of salt.
  6. So, you're just saying people were wrong then? Including yourself. It's quite funny to see a supporter of a side that finished tenth in an absolutely shite league insist that his team's squad was actually good. The Billy Big Bawsness of some Aberdeen fans takes a real hit when they're miles worse than Hearts. Very enjoyable.
  7. What a night this was. Fucking freezing, but absolutely brilliant. I can still see the ball going through the keeper and up into the net from our spot up in the corner. Very happy memories.
  8. Just been on the AZ fanpage. "Kut, maar zo terecht. Ik gun het publiek die goal wel. Wat een sfeer!!!!" "Je ziet het gewoon gebeuren. Dundee speelt zo snel mogelijk de bal op de helft van AZ en probeert daar de duels aan te gaan. AZ heeft het mantra gekregen alleen over de grond te spelen, maar daarvoor is vandaag te weinig kwaliteit in het elftal. De bal blijft grotendeels op de helft van AZ. Als de bal al eens over de lijn komt, raakt AZ de bal snel kwijt door knullig balverlies. "Ik zie genoeg aanknopingspunten om verder op te kunnen bouwen." They're fucking fizzing!!
  9. It's really unfair that the SPFL chose such a wicked and convoluted system to prevent Aberdeen's excellent squad showing its true potential. Only allowing games of 90 minutes between two teams with eleven players each was a sneaky move. Not to mention the so-called 'points system' where teams winning games were hugely advantaged over those losing. I've got to be honest and say that without this chicanery, Aberdeen would probably have won the league.
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