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  1. Well, you seem like the kind of person who strangle cats. What you got to say about that?
  2. I'm sure I've posted this before on other threads. But I'm amazed Oaksoft still gets folk replying to him. I mean, he's not even subtle. Get a grip, folks.
  3. Junior Arab indeed. You must be quite a young'un to not recall that when Ferguson went to Blackburn, that was a deal worth over 7 million quid to join a team that had just finished sixth in the Premier League. And he did well there, apart from having a bad injury. Football is very different now to 2003, and a player of Ferguson's type would be much more in demand than it was then. This thread is really quite revealing with what some folk just don't know or understand. A young Ferguson in today's market, provided he wanted to, would be off to a good club at a pretty young age.
  4. 1) I actually agree with this. Got no real problem with these things taking place in the northern winter. Don't see the issue. 2) Disagree. The constant drone at 2010 games made watching the game an awful experience. It's a genuinely horrible noise. 3) Literally no World Cup ever has been about the fans. None. 4) Seems reasonable, but related to point 3. What is sensible or desirable is irrelevant. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  5. Incredible to think that he got paid for that risible nonsense. The holes in it are so obvious as to not require pointing out. A bright high-school student of either political stripe could rip that article to bits. It's interesting that the unionist argument these days has become so flimsy as to endorse basic logical fallacies and denial of reality. I have no issue with people who are unionists because it's an emotional thing for them, but that's really all we see these days. Pre-2014 and pre-Brexit there was a reasonable poltical and social argument for being in the union. There's no longer even pretense at either of those existing now. All there is is obfuscation and denial of the shifting sands. There are questions for the Yes movement to answer. But it's hard to argue they're bigger than those that the union has shown it cannot answer.
  6. It would also mean a return to the worst format the World Cup has ever had. Madness.
  7. Scotland 0-0 England, 150 years ago today. The first officially recognised international match. If we'd got through the play-offs, the fixture would have been repeated at the World Cup 149 years, 364 days later. That would have been pretty cool, but life doesn't work like that. Scotland long held the upper hand in the fixture, with England only nudging into the lead in the head-to-head in 1983. They now lead by 48 wins to 41. International football caught on.
  8. As mentioned above, the 82 version of three-team groups worked well because of how they arranged the fixtures and the fact that only one went through. It's hard to see FIFA going for a model where only one goes through, so that would mean a huge number of groups having collusion over the final group result, assuming the 82 model, and even without implementing that fixture model it would still happen a lot. Any team losing their first game and drawing their second would easily be fucked out by the final game being a bore draw. The alternative is 2/3 teams going home after two games. It's just a really bad idea.
  9. Even worse in a shop aisle. When people feel the need to go to the supermarket as a whole family. It's completely stupid. f**k off.
  10. It does. Many thanks. Thanks for that. Don't hesitate to get in touch should you have any further questions. Best regards.
  11. I don't. But I have in the past. I hope this clears things up for you.
  12. Depends what you mean by 'anything like it'. The norm is three games a day in the group stage (four-game days in the third round of fixtures), which is something like four games a day. Then it's two games a day in the knock-outs up to the semis, same as at this World Cup.
  13. Travel vloggers and fitba vloggers should go in the same bin. Filming yourself at a football match shouting 'OH MY GOD!!!!' should be a one-way ticket to a government-administered bullet in the head.
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