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  1. Ok, so why the association with the kids academy then?
  2. Almost as bad as saying “I’m not racist, I have a black friend”. You’re seriously not trying to defending that disgusting behaviour?
  3. That’s what we get sending on Burrell to change the game when he’s had zero game time for a while. If he was getting game time, I think he would have scored his chance from 3 yards out.
  4. I loved how close we were to the pitch at Brockville. Players having to lean back against the advertising boards to take a throw-in.
  5. I think it will pass 10k. A few people were probably holding out to see what the weather was doing.
  6. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/64860747.amp 8700 fans so far. Amazing. Well done both sets of fans.
  7. A win by 2 goals, with a Dunfermline draw would be nice. Means if we win on Tuesday we will go top.
  8. Oliver and Morrison must practice shooting together at training. Why he didn’t lay it off to Morrison either is beyond me. Anyway. IMO that’s 2 points dropped. We will not win the league missing this many scoring chances. I genuinely think Lawal would have buried that Oliver chance. Falkirk don’t ruin my Saturdays anymore, because I expect it.
  9. He played pretty well today, but I agree. Players asking referees to book players is pretty bad sportsmanship. However, the referee was terrible today. I didn’t see the a replay but to me that looked like a pen near the end, and if that was an Airdrie player I’d have felt lucky it wasn’t a pen. Yet to see a replay though. But the ref never gave a blatant push by Airdrie in the first half either. So at least he was consistently pish.
  10. I think Airdrie fans will feel extremely happy to walk away with a point in that match.
  11. Oliver better be benched next week. Missing the target from 10-12 yards is unacceptable. Our shots on goal ratio this season is shockingly bad.
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