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  1. 1 point for the draw, 1 point for winning on penalties.
  2. Hetherington’s penalty was ‘saved’ by the ‘keeper, but it spun over the line.
  3. The Falkirk Herald mention we are after this guy.
  4. I think you’re all being to hard on Rennie. Remember he has been our saviour from relegation!!
  5. I will be shocked if Rennie makes any changes at HT.
  6. Maybe they have folded the club and shut up shop.
  7. Folk genuinely don’t believe us when we say this every week. We already know this.
  8. I can’t wait for Rennies post match interview with all the ‘positives’ from the game and how we were ‘unlucky’ etc etc. The man is delusional.
  9. No Falkirk fan is ashamed of dropping points to any team in this league. We know we are terrible, we say we are terrible. Yet everyone laughs at us as if we didn’t know we are shite.
  10. Yes, because he signs rapists. More of a red card for that IMO.
  11. Did you come up with that name all by yourself? Bless you.
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