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  1. How have we not killed this game off?! Joe Efford man, getting in the way of a goal bound header. He's just standing there on the line looking oblivious to everything that's going on around him.
  2. Cornelius has been brilliant today. His best game for us from what I can remember.
  3. Fucking hell!! Can't believe what I'm watching, we have some fight about us. What a difference it is when they're allowed to actually play football.
  4. Really poor goal to lose. Edit: YES Slattery!! Great response to going behind so early in the half.
  5. YES SPITTAL!! I don't want to say it too loudly but we're looking like a decent team!
  6. I was really unsure of Hammell getting it full time but after reading what he's got to say and watching him in the videos the club have put out I'm all aboard the Steven Hammell train. I'm hoping the we're well on the way to having a couple of players signed and ready to go for next weeks game. Especially a LB given the news of Caroll looking like he'll be out for the rest of the season and whatever is going on with McGinley. Also, congratulations @dezz on getting married.
  7. I like the shout of Wallace. He'd be an improvement to who we have now and we wouldn't be waiting on him taking time to settle into Scottish football. It won't happen but it's a yes from me.
  8. Dreading this game. I watched Aberdeens game against Raith Rovers in the league cup and have saw highlights of their league games and they look good. I've been impressed by their number 9 (can't remember his name). He'll run whoever we go with in defence ragged the whole game. The score will be whatever Aberdeen want it to be. 3-0 with Kelly keeping it from being anymore embarrassing.
  9. Trying to stay positive about this, 2-1 with Efford getting the winner by the ball deflecting off his knee and him having no clue about it. Also FWIW, Collum is the ref.
  10. Horrific tackle by Lamie. Red card all day long. Thankfully the St Mirren player is ok cause that could have been a nasty injury.
  11. St Mirren are all over us. It's going to be a very long season.
  12. Nasty clash of heads there, thankfully McGinn and O'Hara are both ok.
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