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  1. Signed. As someone who's also Autistic it would be great to see a sensory room in every ground, I wouldn't need to use but it would be a huge help and comfort to many other Autistic football fans around the country.
  2. Really liked that record. Clown Bounce and Mutilator are my picks as the best from it.
  3. Is that Van Veen now just the 1 goal off of Moults record of 18?
  4. We're playing against 10 men...I think speaking from experience we can all see where this is going
  5. I've got a bad feeling about this today. I reckon it'll be a good game but County will nick it 2-1.
  6. I'd definitely say this is the case. My Livi supporting mate @Cptn Hooch is always telling me how much a fan of him he is and would like him at Livi. I'm a big fan of Kev and would definitely prefer to keep him. Yes he has his faults but I dread to think about where we'd be if it wasn't for his goals this season.
  7. She's back!! Never thought we'd see her again.
  8. I fully expect Watt to net the winner and run the length of the East stand cupping his ear and kissing the St Mirren badge
  9. Don't think we'll see a big crowd for this. I'd like to think we'll see an immediate improvement from the players but don't think it'll happen. 2-1 Saints.
  10. Kelly just on Radio Scotland, giving it "our backs are up against the wall", "it's embarrassing", "they've let the manager down" and "we're gutted".
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