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  1. Cannot get enthused about today's game. Monday has scunnered me big style. We shall see how Bullen motivates the players. Lose and our season will peter out to a probable 6-7th place finish. This is my expectation, sadly.
  2. Well that's my Tuesday fecked. Musonda had a dire night but I don't blame him. Bullen really needs to answer why he didn't change any personnel until it was too late. Anyone could see that things needed changed from half time. Just really gutted after a brilliant first 25 mins. Resorting to hoppyball was crazy, and Bullen must shoulder the blame for this. I doubt I will see a better chance of a final in my lifetime. These come along in a similar timescale as Halley's comet.
  3. Fortunately as I work in Grangemouth it's an easy game to get to. I can only hope Bullen plays the best side possible. As for Keevans, what an unintelligent dinosaur. No disrespect to Dinosaurs.
  4. Hahaha! Well done Caley. Totally deserved. Killie deserved exactly what they got. Nothing.
  5. Well that is one result I did not see coming! Back up to 3rd. After Falkirk getting gubbed tonight, maybe, just maybe, Monday will be ok?
  6. Please do us Ayr fans a favour and kick them off the park, oh and a seven goal home win would not go amiss either.
  7. If you look out the window, that wee shape disappearing in the distance: that's my will to live! Come on Ayr, anything???
  8. Ayr 2 Arbroath 0 Cove 1 Raith 2 Dundee 1 Partick 1 Hamilton 0 Morton 2 ICT 1 Qoeens Pk 3
  9. Good news after a week of doom. Let's hope he has a good furure.
  10. Ach well, still top of the league! Small mercies and all that...
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