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  1. Thought Andor was fantastic viewing. One of the best pieces of Star Wars viewing ever in my view. Post credit scene is short but sweet.
  2. This is not the first time there was one of these in Ayr. If I recall correctly there was one near the old Woolworths about 20 years ago. It didn't last especially long before closing, so appropriately it is a zombie store for a zombie club.
  3. Baffled how we won that given how bad Ayr looked at times but I'll gladly take it. Hamilton looked good in attack and had some incisive passing up front but not surprising that they are bottom if that is their usual defensive standard. Thought Mullin had a quiet game compared to previous ones of his. Albinson looked solid and made some good saves. Nothing he could have done regarding the goals. Ecreponts cross ball for the 2nd is excellent, he couldn't do much about the own goal which was very harsh on him. Dipo is a magnificent hero up front.
  4. Easily the worst Ayr performance since the league Cup fixtures. Utterly dreadful.
  5. Ayr top of the league, top goal scorers in the league, we play Hamilton who are bottom and the game is televised. Draw all over this one then like the last 4 times both sides met one another.
  6. Turgid watch overall a draw was a fair result. Kirk took his header well for the goal after a good delivery in by Mullin. After their equaliser Morton had the better of the first half. We had the better of the 2nd half overall but it was a very scrappy game. Couldn't see much of what led to our disallowed goal from the North Terrace. Referee was terrible with some baffling decisions, which seems to increasinly be the standard for this level. Kirk played well and took his goal nicely. Mullin again had a good game and some of his set piece deliveries were dangerous.
  7. Agreed. Wuffsters highlights were always excellent quality. Any new highlights package would be doing well to match Wuffsters work.
  8. https://ayrunitedfc.co.uk/club-statement-match-highlights Statement about the match highlights provision.
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