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  1. Rangers/Celtic David Hopkin post September 2021 Kyle Lafferty The England national team The Russian national team Any English team in the Champions league/European tournament (x5 if its with BT commentary, x2000 if its somebody Steve Mcmanaman supports) Steve Mcmanaman Connor McGregor Lewis Hamilton Patrick Reed Nick Faldo
  2. Inspired me to create my own Ayr related AI art. The blurry horror of these images sums up his time as manager.
  3. Would have been good to have kept him, he could be a somewhat frustrating watch at times but the goals he scored were vital in keeping us up. Best of luck to him.
  4. McInroy was at times a very good player for us and he scored some vital last minute goals during his loan. Would have said a move to Dundee or Partick was more likely, never thought McInroy was top flight ready the same way Stephen Kelly was.
  5. Wales have been extremely lucky with that penalty decision. You'd have thought kicking away someone's foot would be a foul. The own goal while lucky came about because unlike us Wales were actually getting forward into Ukraines half with enough regularity.
  6. Woeful performance tonight. We looked better on the attack when Christie came on but it was too little too late after after a stinking 1st half. McGinn's sitter summed it up. Thought Zinchenko tore us to ribbons at times with his passing tonight, some player.
  7. That's that then. Also f**k off Crocker you utter clown.
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