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  1. Good to see him getting a bit of praise up here but we don't need the English media getting involved at this point in his contract
  2. This is becoming a team you can really buy into. They've looked great to watch at some points recently and just a right pain in the c**t to play against at others. A bit of everything you want. Hickey looks like he could be an outstanding right back for us, for years to come. Hendry has really grown on me and Porteous did brilliantly tonight. For how isolated he was, Adams did well whenever called upon as well. On Porteous, I suspect the massively over the top pile on he's been getting recently will soon be forgotten about. We'll see if fans across the country get themselves dutifully whipped up over the next character the weegie media tell them to get angry about, or if we'll ever learn our lesson on that one.
  3. I'm all for players/managers calling each other names. Forget SFA charges for that kind of thing, there should be more of it if anything. Where Goodwin has had a personal beamer is this chat about showing footage of Porteous winning penalties throughout his career. It seems like the young Ryan has melted Goodwin's brain into coming out with some instantly disprovable spraff. If Goodwin can pop in that DVD at SFA HQ, he should have his charge lifted straight away.
  4. Last time I was having a wee read on here, you were scattering off about eight posts in a row telling people not to talk about actual sectarian abuse at Hibernian v Rangers, in the Hibernian v Rangers thread. Meanwhile, you expect everyone who supports Independence to take ownership of a nameless, muppet-themed Twitter account. That's quite an inconsistent outlook on collective responsibility, I must say.
  5. According to this, Income Tax and National Insurance are the main sources of public sector income and 'social protection' is the biggest expense. For me the next argument for Independence needs to make the case for how being a proper country will shape the economy to our interests and eventually create a more advanced, higher wage economy. It's not the most simple argument to make but we (Scotland and the UK as a whole) are surrounded by countries whose people are earning more money each month and have healthier national economies to show for it. We have something like a 3% unemployment rate and a shan pension system so that high spend on social protection isn't us sitting around in hammocks enjoying the glorious union dividend. It's evidence of an economy that lots of people don't get a fair shake out of; and whose employers are subsidised by the state. And to be fair, in terms of that sounding like a simple blame exercise aimed elsewhere, our government need to be more sophisticated in planning and articulating how that's ever going to change. Lower down the spending list also offers various areas for improvement - some on us and some structural. We're apparently responsible for £4bn in defence spending, four times more than Ireland and proportionally way more than a bunch of small European countries. On the other hand, we could surely be a healthier country which would reduce public spending in various areas. Obviously GERS isn't an account of an Independent Scotland's finances in the first place but even the picture is does provide isn't as insurmountably scary as I think some want it to be.
  6. That post is a perfect summary of political opposition in Scotland. Whoever wrote that could've just used the three or four points that aren't some combination of completely mental, flat out wrong or nothing to do with the Scottish Government, and it would still be an expensive list of failures by a fairly lacklustre, unimaginative government. Whereas when I read that it makes me want to vote SNP more to offset the vote of the thicko who put that together. Same applies to the Tories, Labour, Lib Dems and the BBC. Deserved criticism for the SNP gets diluted with their constant hysterical shite.
  7. It's interesting to read United fans in agreement about defensive midfield being a problem. I wasn't fully Ross out at Hibs but it was an area he never addressed with us. To be fair, most managers in my lifetime watching Hibs haven't managed to sign a decent DM either.
  8. I don't expect the manager to come out and slate players in interviews but if Johnson's going to mention some of them not being good enough, he's having a laugh saying it's only two or three. Deary me. I thought one of the only positives for us was Youan. I don't think he's a lone striker though, he seems to do his best work drifting around into space. A Doidge from a years ago type player with Boyle and Youan feeding off them would be nice. Emphasis on a few years ago because Doidge looks ready for the glue factory now. In terms of a focal point up front, I'm slightly jealous of Livi having Nouble from what I saw yesterday. I was looking at his wikipedia there and I find it surprising that he's 26 and has played at such a terrible level before now. Congrats for identifying a late bloomer if that's what has happened.
  9. Cabraja running into the guy was the only incident I could think of for the suggestion that we could've had multiple reds. Surely not a serious shout. The only other player who could've run the risk of a second yellow, by getting a first, was Boyle. Come on lads, it was a pretty straight forward pen. You can get a wee rub of the green without making stuff up to counter it. At the end of the day, Livi executed the game plan well that works on us every single time. Overall we can't say we're unlucky when the same pattern repeats itself over and over again.
  10. On one hand we've been hard done by not getting a clear penalty but ultimately, there are too many players in this team who are either finished or never going to be good enough. Including two who chucked in soft as f**k goals there. I ken we scored in Perth with one but the delivery from corners since has been excruciating to watch.
  11. If the UK is small-minded, insular and belligerent....what's wrong with being a belligerent disruption against it? Isn't meekly accepting that state of affairs the most small-minded and insular option available? Other than perhaps towards the UK government, I can't think of many examples of the Scottish Government acting in an aggressive or petty way towards any of its neighbours. It would seem the famously separatist Welsh Labour Party and DUP now also have pretty strong grievances with how devolution works in practice. So the increasing tension you object to isn't unique to us jock partitionists. You don't have to like Independence or accept is a solution to the UK's political malaise. But without an explanation of how intuitions like the Scottish Government ought to behave in the current climate, your jobby analogy is a massive concern trolling cop-out I'm afraid.
  12. I'd say the opposite, that it was a stupid thing to say at the time. Opinion polls aren't elections or referendums (referenda?) for good reason. Not only are they inaccurate, they're sometimes not impartial either. YouGov Forced To Deny Suppressing Poll Because It Was 'Too Positive' For Labour Government policy should be based on the programmes that parties have successfully put to the electorate in proper elections, not justified by opinion polls. I will say the 60% thing is maybe something the SNP should have kept to themselves as a sensible bit of internal strategy. I don't buy this 'but we started on X% last time' argument. We've been actively debating independence for a decade now and the don't knows are 100% folk who are going to vote no but feel a bit ashamed about voting against their own independence. The Yes side have some significant ground to make up and October 2023 is a big gamble, imo. If I was one of these staunch unionists greeting about the SNP all day every day, I'd want the UK government to agree to this.
  13. Only a few. Just make sure to leave your free DWP car at home when you go to spend it.
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