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  1. I was thinking about the wider trust board and not the rep on the club board. The statement appears to suggest overtures have been made to the trust board and that the door is open for a working partnership. I’m not suggesting it is an open door in the way described by the chairman.
  2. Bit that grabbed me in that statement was the reference to the supporters trust. Is there any evidence of efforts to build a collaborative approach with fans.
  3. I agree. No disrespect to Edinburgh City but I imagine they’re surprised how easy it was to beat us. Hammered by the team that finished 4th in the league below and had a couple of teams hot on their tails in 5th and 6th place.
  4. I fall into the older category and believe me the results matter. Right now I’m raging at the state of things on and off the park. I think the difficulty is knowing what can be done to meaningfully tackle the ownership problem, inadequacy of the board and the end result of the two…..a failing team.
  5. Going along in hope over expectation. Agree with Jordo1872 that we can’t concede any further goals and an early goal for us might just be a platform to make a game of it.
  6. A well deserved title. Congratulations. Good luck in the championship next season.
  7. I’ve no doubt we will cut our cloth. Would say though that league 2 is a different environment to what it once was…, as a couple of well kent clubs have found to their cost in recent seasons.
  8. I’m not so sure about the virtues of cutting our cloth given the recent need to 25k crowd fund to prevent going under. Yes if we’ve been mortgaged to the hilt and the owners were to default that’s a crisis and probably curtains. Ultimately everything does go back to the ownership situation but I’m not relaxed about cutting our cloth in the division below or the inability of the board to demonstrate a shred of leadership in a what’s been a pitiful past two seasons.
  9. It matters. Going down would further reduce income by quite a bit…..a dent in season ticket sales, reduced pay at the gate, lost hospitality and sponsorship revenue. You can’t of course downplay the dire effect of the ownership situation, but given our board’s only strategy appears to be muddling through on a break even basis, the drop into league 2 is another big step towards flicking off the light switches.
  10. And unsurprisingly both struggling to stay in League 1. At a q&a last night our manager talked about the importance of a good structure off the park. Again unsurprisingly the teams faring well in the league have this……allows continuity on the park with player retention via 2 year contracts. Im sure other things contribute to success and failure but I get his point.
  11. Honest question. Does a board not have responsibility for protecting a clubs assets and to ensure these are not put at risk? I genuinely accept our local board are fans, work hard for the club and may be in a thankless position. Their remit may not directly cover ownership issues. I would though have thought there would be an acknowledgment of the perilous position the club has been placed in as a result of the leveraged buy out and a willingness to work with the trust to at least ensure there is some form of protection over club assets. Otherwise it’s fiddling while Rome burns.
  12. Key things for me : alarming that club was purchased from loans against club assets (land including the pitch). Not one penny of additional investment from Cognitive. Disqualified person appears to have considerable active involvement in decision making. Ad hoc approach towards day to day running of the club. Lack of proper business infrastructure to support/inform decisions and ensure the club is secure No clearer on why the Cognitive crew are involved with a 3rd tier Scottish Football club (other than having been persuaded by the disqualified person to front his ambitions)
  13. I struggling to understand this. The trust board member is on the board to represent the views of trust members and wider supporters. The trust rep on the board should absolutely attend trust member meetings (and communicate regularly with members in other ways). If not how does the trust person on the club board fully represent the membership and take forward priorities. There really shouldn’t be a conflict of interest.
  14. I think the chairman has been poor on his communication but I don’t believe his attendance at tomorrow nights trust meeting is required. Credit to the manager for putting himself in the frame but again I think, as TFF and Moonster said, tomorrow night is not about the current playing side of things. Its been a long time since the last trust meeting and there is a lot of business to discuss. I’d like time to be spent discussing the recent trust letter to the board, in which valid concerns were raised, and agree where we go from here after receiving a tepid response (IMO) from the club chairman to the trusts letter.
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