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  1. McGlynn explains that he signalled that he wanted off as he hasn't played a full competitive 90 mins at this level yet.
  2. The FSS membership went past the 600 mark last night - that's a fantastic jump from 500 about 6 weeks ago. Many pay more than the basic £10 a month also. Moreover it was the one year anniversary of the launch yesterday so that's great news. Thanks to all who supported this initiative and we hope it will grow and grow. We should announce that FSS is the communally fourth largest shareholder in the club soon.
  3. I thought all the subs altered the shape too much - I know why he did it to give people minutes or rests but it was too much too soon. That's 6 games unbeaten since Kelty and I expect us to beat them on the larger pitch this Saturday. Seems to me we've struggled in grounds where the length of the field is relatively shorter?
  4. That was satisfying yesterday - we would have struggled much more inn the past breaking them down. We are on the up and next week I hope will confirm it, My fav moment though which says something about how we are motivated now as a team: Donaldson in anger shouting at Morrison "That's shite. Be confident. Four chances! Four chances!". Last year we would have been meek. I love this centre-half pairing.
  5. I know of one person who has three accounts that he pays for which include his children. I am not saying this is how people should progress or is a good idea but if its a big deal it could be a way round the one vote per account. We just don't have the resources to check every membership sign up.
  6. There is nothing to stop that person (as no-one can investigate who is signing up) from opening 5 different memberships one in each name of his family. Under 16s are not meant to get a vote in the elections but in practice that is not checkable as no-one asks for proof of age when joining. I still think it is best to be a single payer and accept parity in voting but the reality doesn't stop what you are arguing for.
  7. We have actually done this - we did it again today at the KM Stand.
  8. 500! We are over the moon with the news today that FSS has 500 members. That’s a fantastic start - it means we can buy around 14,000 shares in the club each month. But we need more. As we go to Kelty today we as a club can be proud of how things are getting better. There may be the odd knock back but we think we can all agree the players and the management seem to be moving in the right direction. If you can then please join us today. Let’s celebrate the improvements on the pitch. If you are one of the 1600 people who pay at the gate at home matches we would ask you to consider buying a season ticket and also joining FSS. Go to www.falkirksupporters.org/subscribe and help us move onwards and upwards.
  9. To f**k with the arguments over the website - who owns this dog and how do I get to pet it on match days? And does it have a FFS shirt on?
  10. I looked for Kelty tickets the other day and couldn't find them. Please do enlighten me https://app.fanbaseclub.com/Fan/Tickets/SelectType?fixtureId=1791
  11. Beating Dundee would be massive (if difficult) but no-one has mentioned it yet but regular home gates of near 4,000 mean around there are 1600 walk ins at between £11 and £18 (so let's say £14) that is around £22,000 per game plus food income. That is around £400,000 a year. It is not enough to cover the projected losses but it is a huge improvement and helps any short term issues of cashflow. Be great if we could get it over 4,000 regularly.
  12. Apparently there is no electricity point that they can access. I don't usually think that grounds are a reason to stop clubs from being promoted but this is far from fit for purpose. I am going but I expect to need binoculars to watch the game.
  13. I wonder if it is an insurance issue. If he dies in a match (obviously I hope not) then it may be a problem for any club. I have no idea if he can have a contract covering a club's liability but is that club then looking after him correctly?
  14. You can criticise anyone you want and that is fine - but there are people on here with several accounts (as was shown only last week) who are trying to stir things up. This Board will make mistakes - probably in hindsight Griffiths was one - and will be criticised for them but making new accounts because your old one was exposed seems to me shady. Why I would rather we all posted under our real names.
  15. So cynical. Anyway have a nice day whoeveryouare.....
  16. To the best of my knowledge he is back at Rangers just now and will return to us once the injury has healed.
  17. NO - I am happy to tell you who I am if you wish, if you look at my posts I have mostly put up information about FSS with the odd personal view about the football thrown in. If the new Board get it wrong then I will happily criticise them. And it is obvious who most people on here are - I could identify at least 7 people I know personally here just from their obsessions. If I had my way I would stop all anonymity on the internet - it only causes toxicity when people don't have to be identified with the things they write.
  18. Wonder who this is - a new account made especially to criticise the current board? No agenda here I guess. /s
  19. I wouldn't like to be Secret Santa for some of you moaning gits on here!
  20. He apparently drinks energy drinks all the time, the physios tried to get him to stop but Rennie lacked authority to make him and shrugged his shoulders. Bulking up is not a great idea for a winger who (used to) live off his pace. I hope McGlynn gets him to return to form, he used to be the only player we had who could take the ball and get us up field.
  21. Surely its like all betting, the odds are based on the amount of money staked on each team?
  22. Cove just transfer listed Rory McAllister. Might we dream?
  23. Final mention of last night but McGlynn was saying how important it was to take an interest in player's lives and he mentioned McKay and his wife having a baby as an example of how home life is important and the club needs to be reactive to that.
  24. There are some technical issues with the website just now which are delaying things like the fixtures lists being up. And content is not written by the sponsors.
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