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  1. First time in 10 years I could have gone to a game but decided not to. Watching it online looks like this was the best part of my week and I had a shitty time abroad with my car breaking down and costing me thousands.
  2. Just on here to scotch the rumour that wages aren't being paId or will not be paid. It's utter bullshit and some people just want to stir the shit for their own reasons.
  3. My understanding is that the SFA have asked clubs to compile stats so that they can plan inclusivity strategies.
  4. SUPPORTERS SURVEY The club and FSS are co-operating on asking all of our supporters what they want from the club, how they think we might improve things and also finding ways to promote equal opportunities for all in our day-to-day activities. The survey can be found here - and you do not have to be a member of FSS to take part in it. https://falkirksupporters.org/falkirk-fc-fan-survey/ FSS will release the results of the survey at a later date along with details of how the club will try to implement the views of the support.
  5. Just posted on the FSS site: A message to BAIRNforLife contributors BAIRNforLife’s AGM in November 2021 confirmed an agreement that would see its contributors gain concurrent membership of the Falkirk Supporters’ Society, unless any individual chose to opt-out, as part of a wider agreement to unite Falkirk fans’ voices. BAIRNforLife has not yet been able to conclude this element, which includes asking all its contributors whether or not they agree to their data being passed to FSS so we can include on our membership database. This means that BAIRNforLife contributors, who would otherwise have expected their FSS membership to flow automatically, would be unable to participate in the forthcoming FSS elections as they won’t be members by the 11 February deadline. If you wish to have a say in the election of a new committee and for the fans’ director you can join here: https://falkirksupporters.org/subscribe/ before 11th February at midnight. For more information on the elections, see here: https://falkirksupporters.org/2022/02/08/time-to-vote/
  6. Heard last night from a player's close relative that Sheerin took Dowds into his office and told him he was fifth place striker and should get a loan club. That the team were very far from convinced that Ruth was capable of leading the line and that while everyone liked PS they had far from stellar confidence in his tactics. Nothing world shattering there but everyone seems to be on board with RenKen and there's a more positive air to the dressing room.
  7. When the B4L shares are given to FSS by the club as agreed at the B4L AGM then it will mean FSS will democratically and transparently control 187,000 shares (If my memory is correct on the numbers) in the club. That is a pretty good start to the venture.
  8. I'm involved in FSS and this is my own opinion not the organisations. There is no doubt that increases in membership follow good news stories eg Holt going led to a spate of sign ups. My guess is that many more people will join up when (if) we start winning again. There is huge disillusionment around the club - we have lost c. 500 - 750 off the gate from the start of the season. The FSS first trench of money was paid in (£6k) and will be given to the club each quarter. There should be news soon about the B4L I hope. There are elections for the committee and the Board Members coming up and anyone who is a member by 11 Feb can vote/stand. The more people who stand for election the better - the point of FSS is to be democratic and accountable. As for publicity - social media eg Facebook, Reddit, etc is the main outlet but we have handed out 2,000 leaflets at home games and have other printed standing orders for those who don't want to sign up online. There are regular email updates about what is happening which are sent to members and then a few days later put up on the website. If you go to https://falkirksupporters.org/#about then you can see what has been happening. Additionally if you want to join or know someone who wants to join then please send them this link: https://falkirksupporters.org/subscribe/
  9. At one point Raith were owned by gangsters who were laundering drug money by increasing the gate income. This was confirmed to me by a Scottish Football Leage administrator who was speaking at a conference I organised on Scottish football in the late 90s but they (the SFL) did not want to open up that can of worms. Today they surpassed themselves.
  10. When you watch the highlights you realise we had ample opportunity to double our lead in the first half and then gave away a stupid goal for the second. I was very disappointed driving back yesterday but we are not that far off I think. I think Hall gets a harder time than he should here but he needs to be replaced now - the ball went through him on the way to their scorer as he ran back and that happens far too often.
  11. Wind is crazy here in the middle of nowhere (I am on a hill higher than Arthurs Seat) - wonder what chances are I get to Montrose and the game is called off? I've seen amazing winds at matches but this looks a little more than usual.
  12. Apologies - my fault - I fell for a supposed report from a friend.
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