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  1. It’s bad enough charging folk £18 to watch the fare served up without charging them to park as well. Just because other clubs do it doesn’t mean we should follow suit. Crowds are dwindling already without adding more extra costs.
  2. I think they were either lying or the server conned him! It’s less than that for a soft drink!
  3. Better 2nd half but overall that still isn’t nearly good enough. All evidence so far suggests we’ll be lucky to finish top half.
  4. Is it still too early to start knicker wetting? This lot are fucking useless!
  5. The Cavens Arms on Buccleuch Street (just round corner from the whitesands) does decent pub grub.
  6. The alarm bells will certainly be ringing next weekend if Airdrie come down here and pump us.
  7. Hopefully you’re right. The Cove tie was obviously a semi final tie (albeit the diddy cup) which would’ve boosted the numbers but I just think Saturday’s performance as well as Dumfries show, holidays etc will lessen the numbers.
  8. I’d be surprised if it’s more than 100!
  9. Easy and deserved win for Clyde who were well organised and hard working and fought for everything. The complete opposite of that garbage wearing the blue shirts.
  10. Another year of useless, gutless, lazy jobbers ruining my Saturday beckons.
  11. Given our recent record at Palmerston I doubt there are too many over confident Queens fans coming into this.
  12. Wow, that’s as bad a performance from a Scottish side in Europe as I’ve seen.
  13. I was referring to Sligo but to be fair the same could be said about Motherwell on this evidence.
  14. This mob are absolute hammer throwers! Any semi competent team would pump them.
  15. Encouraging performance today, looked the better team for long spells and really ought to have wrapped the game up with the Connelly chance! Ruari Paton had a cracking game and overall a vast improvement from the Annan debacle!
  16. I was raging on Saturday but fair play that’s quite a reaction tonight!
  17. I wouldn’t mind a run in this cup and I’m sure Mr Hewitson might have considered the prize money on offer as an incentive to do well. If you don’t think that was that bad performance then I’d hate to see what you regard as one! The keeper was awful, the defence was rag dolled by Tommy Goss and caught dithering in possession numerous times, midfield outfought and unable to find a man with a pass when they were about 10 yards away! You’re correct in that they MAY still have a good season but that performance against League 2 opposition is deserving of all the criticism it gets.
  18. I thought having a squad assembled early might have given us the chance of a good start but that was just pathetic. Unable to pass the ball to a teammate and basically outfought by a very ordinary Annan side. Gibson has a hell of a job on his hands if he is to get this lot challenging at the right end of the table.
  19. He hasn’t really, we’ve been utterly rotten.
  20. Yeah wanting starts is fine but nobody should be guaranteed anything. Definitely the correct decision if that’s the case.
  21. Yeah just the old away kit from a couple seasons back.
  22. Anyone heard anything about when we’ll see next seasons kits?
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