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  1. Is Pybus still getting a game for the Pars?
  2. It’s amazing how the promise of yet another season stinking out the bottom end of the league quickly dampens the enthusiasm.
  3. Really?!! Nouble ragdolled our defence all afternoon but I don’t recall him getting any particularly rough treatment.
  4. A game against Arbroath with a small away support isn’t the best gauge to compare crowds but I doubt we pay much more in wages than Arbroath do.
  5. Well if Holt was gonna cost £900 a week then I’m glad he went Thistle!
  6. These acts of utter disregard towards our support from the board are the most obvious things that spring to mind.
  7. All those with non D&G postal addresses on their ID to be given a simple QoS general knowledge test - fail and your not getting in. hypothetically of course.
  8. Yes they’re getting the Terregles Street terrace.
  9. He's a huffy piece of fucking pish that I'm actually shocked is still getting a game anywhere near this level. He’s excelling at this level in his new position.
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