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  1. Yeah wanting starts is fine but nobody should be guaranteed anything. Definitely the correct decision if that’s the case.
  2. Yeah just the old away kit from a couple seasons back.
  3. Anyone heard anything about when we’ll see next seasons kits?
  4. That’s how I saw him, I would’ve been happy to have kept him as he was a decent shot stopper but he was 2nd choice until Sol Brynn got recalled by ‘Boro. Keeping the likes of Connelly was far more important.
  5. As Flash refers to, the dross teams we’ve fielded in recent years is the biggest problem in terms of crowds dropping and rubbish atmosphere. Palmerston in its current form can generate a good atmosphere with just 2-3000 in it…. you just need to have a team on the field that encourages folk back. If we somehow got to a position of challenging at the top of the Championship then crowds would undoubtedly rise (you only need to look at Arbroath last season as an example of how a towns support can be invigorated!)
  6. Zero fucks given about a closed door kickabout! Hope you keep him!
  7. Yeah you’re right, didn’t see the last paragraph underneath the adverts on my mobile!
  8. Is it not a goalkeeping coach rather than another goalkeeper he wants?
  9. I doubt you’re going to get much in the way of positive feedback I’m afraid! Looked lost anytime he appeared for us but might do ok in League 2 I suppose.
  10. Sure he actually played as a trialist last pre-season but got a better offer from ICT. At the time, I was glad - in hindsight, we could’ve done with him!
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