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  1. Poor season, meaningless game etc etc doesn’t exactly attract the floating fan.
  2. What was the shout over the tannoy near the end when the Falkirk boy took a dive in the box by the way?
  3. Surprisingly enjoyable afternoon and the our best performance for god knows how long! Not often they’ve deserved praise this season but that was far more like it!
  4. If he signs a bunch of dross and we are this shit again next season then of course Bartley will rightly be criticised. Until then though, he is working with probably the worst collection of full time footballers ever assembled in this country and he isn’t responsible for that…. WG is.
  5. Their fans will probably outnumber ours on Saturday!
  6. It would be better to get a winning team on the pitch to replace the current dross and go for a bit of quality rather quantity. A winning team will bring crowds back.
  7. Come on man, everyone knows about the famous 1936 Algiers Invitational Tournament Winners!
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