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  1. If you’re paying £18 for a seat you shouldn’t be expected to clean it. The volunteers do an excellent job but it shouldn’t be expected of a customer.
  2. Midweek flutter

    Odds now appearing for this weeks challenge cup games - any “colts” teams we should avoid betting against?!
  3. Your Club's Top 5 Arseholes

    I must be deaf - I’ve never heard anyone “boo” Murray or Dykes during a game!
  4. Bit early for the knicker wetting. Some of the bigger sides in the league have worse problems than us if we are looking much into today’s results!
  5. Early Season predictions

    Qu££n of the $outh
  6. Poor effort, our kit is produced by Macron.
  7. Meh. Not worth hyping up at all.
  8. Fair enough, you must rate him far higher than I do.
  9. If it is Marshall re-signing then this all going to be very anticlimactic indeed!
  10. This isn’t the place for positive thinking!
  11. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    It’s a diddy cup, it’s hardly surprising that a supporter of a team that’s recently won the Scottish Cup fails to find winning this overly exciting!