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  1. Free Money

    I got the same email!
  2. Queens v Inverness

    Great game for the neutral. I’m not a neutral though.
  3. Red Dead Redemption

    I suppose it just depends what you were expecting! the game does start off at slower pace and picks up a bit as you progress and open up the map. I’d recommend sticking with it but everyone has different opinions about what makes a good game.
  4. Red Dead Redemption

    I wholeheartedly disagree!
  5. QotS v Falkirk

    You’re fuckin shit
  6. QotS v Falkirk

    You’re fuckin shit you’re fuckin shit you’re fuckin shit!!!!
  7. QotS v Falkirk

    You’re fuckin shit
  8. QotS v Falkirk

    You’re fuckin shit
  9. QotS v Falkirk

    Less shit but still pretty shit
  10. Weekend Betting

    You having chips wi that?
  11. Och well, I actually doubted Atkinson as last I heard of him he’d been benched at Annan!
  12. Can’t think of the bonus! Zander Clark Jim Atkinson Lee Robinson Callum Antell Jamie McDonald Craig Samson David Hutton Cammy Bell Scott Fox
  13. PES 2019

    Yeah spins from the scouts start at level 1 and need built up.
  14. PES 2019

    Pretty sure it’s random - I’ve still not had a 5 star scout from 200 odd online/offline games.
  15. PES 2019

    I play on Xbox and went from losing 5 in a row to winning 9 games straight back to losing 5 in a row - it is totally seethe inducing but I can’t stop playing it