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  1. Did your mob not get pumped 6-2 at the weekend by Falkirk?
  2. I have zero expectations this season - I’d rather that than the club throwing money about that it can’t budget for though.
  3. I for one am shocked that he is unimpressed with our latest signing!
  4. Seen the thread was “Hot” and was hoping we’d resigned Tommy Bryce - sadly it’s just some news about Annan players 😔
  5. Surely he’s just signed for emergency cover..........surely
  6. So you’re talking out your arse and have no idea about the player then? thanks for confirming.
  7. What’s with the tedious obsession for who we sign?
  8. Should be an improvement on some of last season’s squad.
  9. Ffs. Don’t worry, he’s gonna make the club a fortune when they sell him on.
  10. He’s pish - feel free to quote me when he someone pays a fee for him.
  11. Agreed, didn’t rate him at all last season.
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