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  1. Not a chance Partick are stopping our relentless charge to 10th!
  2. It certainly wouldn’t make things any worse.
  3. Signing Wilson and then wasting him at Centre Back whilst leaving Semple on the bench was unforgivable for me. Our home record is a disgrace and with the pish being served up every week it’s no wonder folk aren’t coming through the turnstiles.
  4. I hope he has a rotten remainder of the season if he goes now!
  5. Because we never managed a Top 4 finish when we were PT? Finished 4th 2004/2005 when still part time I think.
  6. Just voted for Arkless although I’d be surprised if D&G isn’t still Tory tomorrow 🙁
  7. If you keep providing poor results at home then folk will find more enjoyable ways to spend their money on a Saturday.
  8. Far too many of our players are League one level at best. Just relegate us now.
  9. Sad but true. Hope you get a good draw. Hope our gang have a rotten weekend but I doubt they are overly bothered by the result.
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