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  1. In my mind that’s what football players should look like. Thoroughly unimpressed with having to have his photo taken and the photographer dare not ask him for an alternate pose, probably hoping to get this shoot wrapped up as quickly as possible. If that were today the player would be all jacked and tanned and tatted-up with that Fanny fascist razor-cut hairdo they all have and a little trimmed beard and plucked eyebrows, mean-mugging with his pretend-hard man act and making the photographer take a hundred shots with his head angled just-so to catch his “best side” and stopping to review every picture before his agent allows him to sign off on one. c***s.
  2. Hard-tackling, muscular-thighed, mustachioed, iconoclastic, Sevco wanksource and long time favourite of the Kop, pictured here with Graeme Souness at 5088 Park c.1990
  3. If a butterfly's wings can cause a hurricane I dare not think how my life might have turned out with a completed Hibs page !
  4. Well, that’s hardly surprising considering one of those clubs no longer exists
  5. 86/87 season. The only teams I have completed. United, Hibs, St. Mirren And Hamilton Accies
  6. Reading that article was fucking depressing. I enjoy throwing the tag "zombie club" at Sevco fans as much as anyone, but in reality all clubs are zombie clubs to some degree. Sure, there's 11 guys kicking a ball on some grass with white markings, and they wear the same color shirts and the same badge with the same team name and watched by a crowd of people singing the same songs in the same building its taken place in for 100 or so years, but beyond that surface stuff there's not much substance of the original football club rattling around inside it's corporate shell (or aspiring corporate shell).
  7. I don’t know what FTFY means, but you have won this debate and you have completely owned me so I have given you the little green upvote thing. Was nice chatting with you @carpetmonster
  8. Try to convince you? For what purpose? You don’t come across as someone who “seeks first to understand” , rather I get the impression you are seeking first to argue and debunk. Generally speaking, if we agree that a move towards authoritarianism shows itself in things like a desire for social uniformity & punishing perceived enemies who don’t align with the group ideology, using group authority to control behaviour, moral absolutism and intolerance towards differences…and you can’t see how those traits could be applied to those on the left then there’s nothing for us to discuss, is there? I accept the examples you gave of authoritarianism from the right, they are undeniable, but you have access to the internet so if you have a genuine desire to explore the subject of authoritarianism from the left you could, so why would I waste any more of my time trying to convince you with examples of something you have already decided doesn’t exist?
  9. Well, I’ll just have to disagree and say that I definitely see dangerous authoritarianism from the left, but as I don’t want to be on my phone any more tonight, impotently typing responses to someone equally as impotent I am, and as I am sure there’s nothing I can say that would convince you otherwise, and even if there was it would be of very little consequence, I want to thank you for the chat and bid you good night
  10. Is it possible that you don’t see authoritarianism from the left because that’s your tribe? I live in a very Republican state and voted against Trump… but I definitely see strains of authoritarianism coming from the left. And I got that because you just tagged millions of normal people ( I called them moderates) as anti-democratic insurrectionists, and from your tone in various other posts I infer a certain view of them as a monolithic group of people so far removed from your sense of morality and values that they are not worth trying to understand or communicate with…or “othering” as some call it.
  11. Yeah, that’s it, create “others” in your mind so you can simply write them off, then you don’t have to concern yourself with actually communicating with people and you can be, obviously, justified and morally superior to them. History shows us that usually works out well.
  12. Cos you communicate with them in person, like we did for millennia. It really disheartens me how quickly most everyone has accepted this weird pseudonymous impotent raging into our phones to complete strangers as a normal way of communicating. It’s fucking weird and I will never be comfortable with. I feel unsettled everytime I type shit like this and throw it out into the abyss then , despite myself, my ego sits anticipating that little twinge you get when someone responds, like a c**t.
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