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  1. Samuels definitely looked better through the middle but I’m not convinced he can play there by himself. Needs an Oakley or McKay to play off, especially against teams who sit deep.
  2. Would be pretty happy if he does sign. Different option to all the other forwards at club.
  3. Agree with that but add a starting CB to that as well. Deas will be away unfortunately
  4. Ye I would be happy to see all the first team players out of contact get new deals but equally wouldn’t be that disappointed if any left. Hoping the long term injuries to Allardice and Macgregor have maybe taken them off the radar for potential suitors.
  5. Please stop taking Harper on left wing.
  6. Thought Saturday was a decent card. Was always gonna be hard to follow last weeks in London but I enjoyed it. So good to have crowds back for fight nights. Was impressed with the manner of Blaydes win. Thought he was gonna wrestle for 5 rounds but his striking looked improved. Him vs Gane next would be good. Brown vs Barberena and Kai Kara France vs askarov were fantastic.
  7. What a night. The best fight night I can remember. So many big viral moments. Big Aspinall is the real deal. No one dominates Volkov like that. So fast and excellent grappling. The call out of tuivasa was brilliant as well. A big name with a good ranking who’s not actually that good. Statement performance for Allen which I didn’t see coming. Him vs Kattar would be brilliant. Paddy and Molly aren’t particularly good but can’t deny the entertainment value. Paddy going to avoid topuira like the plague. Mental Craig is one away from a title shot . How many times can he keep pulling guard and getting away with it. Can see someone in top 5 will ko him badly soon.
  8. Masvidal is now on the same level as Diaz, Tony Ferguson and Conor McGregor were they are not at the level of the people on top of there weight classes but still big names. Would love to see Rda get one last run at the belt. Legend. Holland and Mitchell both looked good. Hardy getting battered on the last fight on his deal was also pleasing. Hopefully the last we see of him in ufc.
  9. Enjoyable weekend of mma Think Makhachev has done enough to get the next shot at the lightweight title. Absolutely dominant. Arman Tsarukyan is destined for the top. Alvarez is the dark horse of the division and he made it look easy. Brutal elbows. Gegard Mousasi is one of the most underrated fighters ever. Wish he was still in ufc
  10. You would think if the club is in a position to build a new gym, the financial situation has improved to afford it. Fwiw I’m not defending Gardiner, just not convinced he’s the problem at the club
  11. Strange response I didn’t claim to know anything about the club’s finances. However since Gardiner has come in we have managed to build a gym, employe data analysis, employe a dof and knocked back over six figures for Robbie Deas. All that would suggest the club is in a better place financially. Granted I forgot about his comments regarding the streaming service but was curious why people on this thread thought he was the problem.
  12. Why do people not like Scott Gardiner? Seems to have done a decent job getting the club more financially stable.
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