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  1. go spinning twice a week and also run 4k every sunday morning, and 4k every 2nd sat when off
  2. was thinking of buying fm 14 as finally got a decent laptop, havent played manager game since early days of championship manager, read a lot of bad reviews about fm 14, is it that bad?
  3. did a paper round in orkney after school, thursdays were a nightmare, local paper,radio times any weekly mags and usual paper,think i got £6.50 a week share it with a guy i went to school with he did sat morns and i did mon-fri.Christmas was amazing got so many tips,got the round down to 40 mins, but used to miss a old guy out in the middle of the round and go back and deliver his last as used to st with him till his home carer came to make his dinner, he used to give me sweets,juce etc
  4. source iam on clubs commitiee and been discussed at meetings, no nightlife in grantpwn only 2 pubs but Aviemore 12 miles away has a nightclub and numerous pubs, think its july but canny mind exact date
  5. Airdrie to play Strathspey Thistle in Grantown on Spey sometime at start of July in a friendly
  6. i have a galaxy 3 my contracts up in sept this year did fancy a sony z2 but now waiting to see new iphone before deciding
  7. no contest Rachels a mega honey with superb body nd looks,Susie is a grade A MUNTER
  8. anyone know why Alan Pollocks on the transfer list? he looked pretty happy at the club after his goal
  9. highly doubt that one as he rarely plays for clach these days due to his job, and its not Pollock although he,ll end up there as he,s on the transfer list
  10. was at clach v keith today decent game to watch, crap weather lol
  11. think he scored for County in the highland derby ,arent Brora signing a clach player on loan?
  12. went to abs attack for 1st time last night, followed by spinning (twice weekly) getting ready for my loch ness 10k
  13. Stables wants to change it as says season doesnt end soon enough,will try scheduling mid week games come aug-sept-oct instead of leaving it till feb-march and trying to cram 3 games a week in,a bit of sense needed!! I think bringing some north caley teams in maybe relegation promotion to north caley but certainly not 10-10 teams lose 8 games a season which with hospitality fans etc can be money some clubs cant afford to lose
  14. Christmas day and boxing day total nightmares for us, my wee lads autistic and not used to my wife and i being home together for longer than a couple of hr,wrecked his bedroom both days and went into total meltdown for 2 hrs both days i had to take him to the shops in Inverness for 6 hrs on boxing day and even then he wanst happy when home, want life back normally me working him at school etc.Have taken tree and decorations down today to try and make him feel a bit like back to normalitiy.Walked over a railway foot bridge yesterday and actually had a momentray thought about chucking myself off as a train approached, also cried like a baby driving home from footie last night, think the whole couple of dys have really gotten to me
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