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  1. Tbh, the way the footballing structure is changing in Scotland,is it really a drop? More and more “junior” clubs able to compete or better any wages offered.
  2. Should maybe do a quick fans vs fans game to see if there is any talent out there lol
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/62030282 Interesting…definitely a big challenge here for smaller league clubs
  4. I honestly cannot believe that we are sitting with 5 days until the Hibs game and we’ve barely got enough players to put a team together. A humping is on the cards, with McGeady just joined Hibs as well as some other signings etc. Very of few of us have seen anything of the “team” due to all the closed door games so this could be embarrassing. I sense a similar frustration among other clubs but at least they have more money to play about with, and don’t have to be as sensitive if someone starts fanning them about.
  5. If you are a player thinking that part time is best you can hope for, and you have a decent job full time, then why slog your guts out in a relegation battle every week, when you might be able to enjoy it a bit more…whether you get more money or not. Good luck to him if that’s the case.
  6. If Cuddihy is away then good luck to him. You never want to see good players go, it’s as simple as that. The danger is not being able to replace him and others like him, as other football teams also have to do. I would take a few more like Cuddihy if it was possible, but what are the chances of that ?
  7. On the owner’s Q&A it’s been stated that Livingstone and Splaine touting themselves on the PFA Scotland availability website I think which indicates that they may not have let the club know their intentions. No mention of Cuddihy though.
  8. Saw this on Kelty Hearts Twitter about John Potter taking over as manager…£730,000 player budget mentioned..over double ours..or have I missed a joke somewhere on that thread ????
  9. Unfortunately I think I’m getting proved right.
  10. His posts are an honest reflection of how bad the situation is…there are 5 weeks until we start the league cup campaign and look where we are at ? I’m sure Danny is doing what he can but money is key to this . The only reason potentially Splaine would stay is if no one else comes in for him but the lack of info regarding Cuddihy and Livingstone as you would say, is deafening.
  11. Sounds like a wee bit of reality coming into play on some of the messages here thankfully. Sentimentality is a ridiculous reason to sign a player so Danny is right….if he was interested that is. Anybody else fancy watching a team winning 25% of their league games again or less then fair play to you…we simply are not in a position to challenge in any meaningful way and that’s sad to say… the video of “where the dream begins” highlighted how much of an opportunity Broadwood was and now we’re back to square 1. The pyramid system now enforces a change in league structure and we have to be mindful of that…hopefully getting additional revenue at NDP will help but I’d be surprised if we don’t get relegated this season, without the need of a play off..sad to admit but obviously I hope I’m wrong.
  12. Rumsby is a solid and hardworking player and has experienced more lows than highs as a Clyde player. Not an easy position to play when you’re getting battered for it most of the time so fair play he wants a change..best wishes to him. Wondering where he’s off to now ? No doubt we’ll hear soon.
  13. As said above, I think that we don’t have a great deal to offer for prospective players. We are going to drop like a stone out of this league based on our resources and that’s the way things are these days. I do take my hat off to the board for trying to make the best of this situation but I fear the worst. The Scottish League as it stands will look different due to the pyramid and have good support and funding behind the, and ultimately a good community base too. The Clyde job is too big to rely on 20 or so players a season to get us through. Don’t think I have the stomach for it this year to go on a regular basis and watch the inevitable but do I still contribute financially in some way….still considering.
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