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  1. If you’re going like for like then surely Edinburgh must be close, but spent better. And this game is pish too.
  2. Clyde chairman a couple of weeks ago that Danny was given a very competitive budget at the start of the season. He clearly spaffed most of it up agains the wall and most have been shipped out now. He shouldnt have been given another contract last year for this season.
  3. So Peterhead have now sacked David Robertson…hopefully they’ll remain shitier than us.
  4. Fair play for travelling to watch that mate.
  5. Another one of Lennon’s signings getting shipped out. Says it all.
  6. It looks like a possible future Managerial role to me and is being mentored by Duffy for the time being possibly ??
  7. Just put hat Choo c..t on ignore in your settings mate. Anyway….I packed it in earlier in the season. Totally agree with your thoughts about the set ups of some of the junior clubs have rightly shown up others “senior” clubs who were just treading water before, Berwick, East Stirling, Cowdenbeath etc. Looking back now…Cumbernauld was a wasted opportunity and giving Lennon a new contract in May 22 was one of the worst decisions made by the Club.
  8. Clearly Duffy didn’t rate at least half of Lennon’s signings…hopefully with these guys on board, it might reflect the true “Duffy effect” because even he couldn’t get a tune out of some of these roasters.
  9. Top of the league team vs us…what could go right ?
  10. Watching this Darvel game tonight.. How far away are Clyde away from a set up like that…sad
  11. Would love to know the conversation with Rennie..”Hi there, do you fancy coming to Clyde, where there is a 50-50 chance of automatic relegation, no home and even less money…? “ Must some personal reasons for moving down her I would suggest like work/family stuff.
  12. I just cannot believe the dip. The last game I saw was the 2-2 draw with Peterhead, and put it down to it being Peterhead yet Clyde played some great stuff that day… for me, the game lost to Edinburgh 2-0:brought it all back full circle.
  13. Surely there are signings coming the fact that Duffy has moved some on “loan”.
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