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  1. Nouble was a hidden gem but my point is from January onwards it was hardly a collapse in form or ( bottom 2/3) form ?
  2. Would bet a lot of money on Arbroath at least pushing for play offs. We were hardly out of sight at Christmas and only lost the league but 2 points ( and a better goal difference ). That’s no fluke
  3. Absolutely no reason Arbroath can’t challenge again. Each season the players are in the league the better they will become unlike most teams having massive changes in their squad
  4. Knows he’s fucked the header ? That’s one really strange way of describing that situation. Personally feel leaping and hanging in the air like he did to even get contact before the centre half should be applauded. If only he took it done on his head , kept it up all the way to the goals then scored eh
  5. There is a jump of course but players can also raise their game and end up playing comfortably at the level they are at. Same could be said when you drop down a level you find your level dropping to that standard
  6. I’m all honesty it’s remarkable to even be talking about Arbroath in the premier league . There were probably players from league 1 to championship that fans thought couldn’t make the jump and they have. It’s been a great story this season and one I’ve enjoyed following
  7. It’s hard to judge that . Arbroath would be going into a division where they have the weakest squad on paper every week so how could that be comfortable for one player ? You could put a premier league player in the Arbroath team next season and they would struggle as the other 10 players will be weaker than the opposition. O’Brien stepping into a premier league team and looking comfortable is a complete different situation and one I would agree with.
  8. Given your chairman has said you are staying part time regardless and you want to get rid of at least half your squad that’s going to be a tough ask as Arbroath arguably have the best part time players in the country. Who in the current team would be good enough In your opinion at having a crack at the premier league?
  9. On twitter some Arbroath players claiming O’Brien came under midfield category and not defence so couldn’t be selected
  10. Incompetent SFA yet again having players under different positions. Thomas O’brien appears to be the pick for Arbroath but going by form it would be hard to argue McKenna was the stand out until January . Arbroath fans may beg to differ as they will see their players every week
  11. Arbroath drop points and the race could be over. If Killie drop and Arbroath win it’s back on. Tough game to call and could hinge on what players Partick have fit. Is Brian Graham back for this one and Amy other of the missing players ?
  12. In the Daily Record last week Ian McCall saying Obrien and McKenna could play for any team in the league . Judging on last nights viewing I think most of the Arbroath team could.
  13. Really looking forward to watching this on TV. Will be very interesting to see how Kilmarnock play with the number of new signings and Arbroath with 2 new strikers. Can see a home win here to keep the title race wide open.
  14. A vulnerable person is anyone who deems themselves in that category. They may feel their age is a factor, their underlying health issues, their general health and well being. It’s then down to that individual to make their decision based on the positives and risks . Hospital beds are full just now not because of covid but due to the lack of staff in hospitals . A lot of patients are currently in hospital waiting to be moved into care homes but because the care home have staff isolating these patients have to remain on a hospital bed until this is resolved. Everyone has their own judgment to make decisions
  15. Not heard if it’s through a possible injury or not .
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