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  1. Obrien, McKenna and Stewart all out for this game and next week. Shuffled pack again !
  2. First visit to Cove and looking forward to it. Already a very important game given how early on in the season it is. If we were at full strength I would really fancy us here. A lot will depend on who is fit and who isn’t making it. More hope after last couple weeks and some players starting to up their game. How have Cove been playing, unlucky to be sitting joint bottom ?
  3. Is that seriously your take on the game ? Allan kept losing the ball because our wingers are slow ? Wow
  4. I think there will be several changes for East Fife but Cove game should be picked based on main players back and how current players performed against Morton
  5. For the Cove game Tam back , Allan back, Ricky most likely back. Who starts and who drops out from last Saturdays game ? Few headaches for Dick
  6. Hilson shot ( saved ) and even the McKenna header first half were both closer than half these Morton chances. At least Arbroath highlights are not biased .
  7. First half was as good as any I have seen for a while ( also take into account our last few performances down there ). Hammy was outstanding at centre half and arguably his best position. Looks solid. Scott Stewart as well, so versatile and has so many great attributes. Midfield won a lot of second balls like Dougie Imrie said in his post match interview . Full backs got forward well and Oakleys delivery’s we’re superb. A real asset. Hilson playing off McKenna seemed to work, I thought the 2 of them together took us up the park much better than any other game, gave their centre half’s a few problems . Hilson gets his goal, McKenna makes another penalty this season and gets off the mark. Time to build on this performance
  8. You happy if big Dipo walks away on a free tomorrow ?
  9. They have “f****d up a relationship with a former key player”. I think that’s already f****d the moment he decides not to show up to training or matches when he’s under contract. Where’s the protection for clubs or players for that matter if you can just walk away from a contract ?
  10. Really disappointing the Low situation. It just makes it more impressive what the likes of Little have done over the years. The commitment is something that can’t be overlooked
  11. Him and Gold back at the weekend, both trained last night
  12. One thing worst remembering is Nouble was Livingstons signing. We were given him on loan so can’t claim to have unearthed a diamond from down south. Like you said also, he was playing conference and not some amateur league
  13. 100%. Also Shanks work rate not in question but he is way way off championship standard. Not his fault, recruitment has been appalling
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