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  1. Controlled and confident win for rose this afternoon, could easily have been 5 or 6 on another day.. Well done lads ️
  2. Is it a one off game?? Surely it will be home & away like the lowland league play off with Highland league??
  3. Not sour grapes at all, but I'm sure they left tranent fearing nothing from the home side, Darvel are hands down the best team lithgae have played this year in my opinion.
  4. Totally agree with this im all for celebrating a last minute or equaliser but jumping around in opposition technical area , but to be fair their sidelines were a disgrace the whole night.
  5. Big win for linlithgow this afternoon, looked very comfortable for biggest part of the 90mins, once again all about the referee, hardly a bad tackle in game and he books 8 or 9 players. Looks like league us up for grabs once again.
  6. This is absolutely true, in my opinion the LL league isn't as competitive on a weekly basis. Would rather watch linlithgow in EOS for another season and see where they are then. In saying that I wouldn't say no to league this year if boys go on to achieve that. All to play for, starts today with a win against Sauchie.
  7. Always 1 muppet. Makes it worse when it comes from a kid on 1 from musselburgh
  8. Astro turf pitches are biggest leveller in the game, and the surface this afternoon is up there with the worst of them.
  9. Was about to type the same myself, why would a person who suffers from mental health continue to torture them self by continually going on to a rivals team thread, im certain Alan Camelon fan posts more on linlithgow rose thread than he does on Camelon one. Bizarre behaviour in my opinion. As for your teams performance, well I gave my thoughts yesterday. Woeful and worst footballing side I've seen all season.
  10. Camelon were a disgrace, would get football stopped, time-wasting tactics started 5 mins into 2nd half. Woeful.. worst footballing side I've seen all season
  11. You mentioned levels? 1 league is a level below. I take it you haven't seen much of the leagues and the players in the conferences below the premiership??
  12. Levels below?? He was 1 league below and had scored over 20 goals by end of October? Also had Been at a couple of Premier clubs in his teens, but never given a chance. Fair play to the lad for knuckling down I would say after a few disappointments.
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