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  1. Valencia currently beating Getafe 5-0. Looking decent.
  2. Umar Sadiq scoring for Sociedad. Couldn't buy a goal in a poor Rangers side a few years back. Was top scorer in Segunda last season IIRC.
  3. This must be a new thing, my dad went to see Barcelona in 2003 or 2004 in the UEFA Cup and got tickets for the home end no bother. As for La Liga, got the Sociedad v Atleti game on, just tuned in there.
  4. I don't want them to win it but i genuinely think England will win it. They're a young side and they came incredibly close last summer and the fact there's only been 18 months between tournaments instead of the traditional 2 years could be a difference. I do, however, hope i'm hugely wrong.
  5. Great comeback from Real. They just never know when it's over Currently got the build up for the Bilbao v Majorca game on. Going to sit and watch all 3.
  6. Villarreal were incredible in the second half. 3 great goals. Looking forward to the Barca game especially with all the drama in the summer, every new signing registered bar Kounde. A bit odd seeing Lewandowski playing for a team that isn't Bayern however!
  7. It's good to have it back, last night's game was a really good game imo Currently got Valladolid v Villarreal on. 0-0 so far.
  8. Tenerife v Girona on 11th and 19th for a place in La Liga. Should be great.
  9. Aye, it's only a relatively recent thing, first opening cermony before a CL final that i can remember was the 2015 final. Obviously there's been the opening cermonies before Euros and World cups which make sense.
  10. Was there not crowd issues at the 2007 final in Athens too? As for the game itself, i was out with the better half and my mate and her husband, before the game when the second delay came on, i said 'What are you guys doing tomorrow?' geniunely thought it'd be played today! A truly awful final, Courtois had the game of his life however. Ancelotti is an incredible manager. 4 Champions League titles is a sensational record. I know football has changed and was different 11 years ago, but it was absolute madness that Chelsea sacked him. Especially as they went for VIllas-Boas afterwards.
  11. I need to get into Segunda. Some big teams from La Liga of the early 2000s down there.
  12. Definitely. Was an absolutely atrocious penalty. Cadiz play Alaves in Cadiz next week though. Alaves already relegated.
  13. 1-1 with Cadiz. Would be great to get a game there next season.
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