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  1. Kirk wasn’t part of the reserve squad so think he may still injured
  2. Kenny Macintyre was a poor choice he's not a presenter he's a provocative journalist at best. They used to do a program on a Tuesday about the championship leagues 1 & 2 which at least showed some interest. Tried a few of the various football podcasts but most are about one club rather than the leagues below the SPL.
  3. Manager David Martindale said: “It’s with a bit of regret that Josh is now out on loan again as I feel the move for both parties hasn’t worked out how we both hoped it would. Josh has been a very good player for the club and myself over the years he has been at the club. “Last season, Josh was probably a bit premature in his decision to go out on loan but I also understood why. This season we both agreed that we would give it as much time as possible – but it hasn’t quite worked out the way we hoped in terms of game time for Josh. We are playing a slightly different system, or have been of late, and it’s left Josh with little game time.
  4. Only thinking of his time at Ayr first half of 20/21 tbf, but looking at last season out of 8 league games(scored in another 2 but couldn't find official sats) he scored only once when he was listed as a sole striker rest was part of a 3, Doesn't change the fact that it wouldn't be Anderson coming to Ayr.
  5. Josh Mullin fits the experienced and AM role Bruce Anderson certainly needs to play upfront with someone but as others have said very unlikely he will leave plus he’s injured atm.
  6. He probably needs a couple of reserve games to get up to speed, the tempo we are playing at must need a particular type of fitness.
  7. If Friday was fright night for Dundee fans I’m guessing it’s a Beautiful Sunday
  8. Think that was ours and Murdochs second yellow for almost the same foul
  9. If I was to choose a strip to return it would be this one, perhaps with different shorts though.
  10. It probably works for him, PT Arbroath pay decent train in Perth and he can carry on with other sources of income.
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