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  1. Red Bull have had plenty of racism incidents without tagging Max on to this one. They should leave the man out of it.
  2. I don’t read too much into that, to be fair. Bernie loves to cause a stir and that’s exactly what he’s doing there. I think Toto and Lewis have a pretty good relationship. Mercedes are clearly 3rd best so you’d be expecting anywhere from 4th to 6th for Hamilton this season. I don’t think Russell has been miles better than him to be honest, just marginally better and has had a bit more luck along the way. Lewis was very unlucky on a couple of occasions this season. He’s shown he still has the pace in recent races so I think he will stick around for 2023 in the hope that Mercedes can produce something title worthy. I must admit it has been nice to see his braindead moron fans scramble for excuses this season, although the Lewis fans vs Max fans pantomime has all gone very ‘Messi vs Ronaldo’ in the last year.
  3. Another Old Firm-esque meltdown, very fitting. If you know you know. Good night x
  4. A lot of jealousy over The Thistles stunning effort I see
  5. If that’s all you’ve got, I’d hope that doesn’t reflect on to plucky little Fairytale FC this coming season. Best of luck.
  6. The relegation ones amirite m9. They’re Highland league bound.
  7. Arbroath’s inevitably shite season will be a fun watch. Tears and snotters all over the forum this season as they head towards the seaside league while lauding Dick Campbell as some sort of Pep Guardiola for a once in a lifetime season where they couldn’t beat a Billy Dodds managed side with 3 extra men.
  8. Dundee (will buy the league) ——— The Caley Partick Thistle Raith Rovers ——— Queen’s Park Cove Rangers Greenock Morton Hamilton Accies ——— Ayr United ——— Arbroath
  9. Absolutely glorious from The Caley. Not had a kit as good as that for as long as I can remember.
  10. Fair play. I couldn’t see that happening in a million years. You have to question whether Gasly will ever get a top seat again now. Seems to have missed the boat and his career has stagnated.
  11. Quite a horrendous few weeks for Mr Vips
  12. A team, most likely McLaren, will probably come in for him. I’d be very shocked if Gasly was still in the AlphaTauri next season.
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