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  1. We have finally appointed someone so let’s get the rest of the work done now. In Hammell’s own words the squad needs major surgery. The board needs to back him and I’ll accept 10th this year.
  2. Probably been said on thread already but unless it’s rich tea biscuit into a luck warm milky tea ?.. Get in the bin 🗑
  3. No matter who the new manager is I really hope the board are already making plans for anything that may happen over the next 12 months. We could end up 10th which is my hope this season or the nightmare could happen. If the worst does happen we need to avoid a Falkirk/Dunfermline scenario. Even Killie’s biggest wage bill in years struggled out the championship by the skin of their teeth.
  4. Only managers job he should get in Motherwell is in Tim Hortons.
  5. Easily the worst Motherwell squad i’ve seen since the Malpas era. It’s fuckin infuriating that some fans still stick up for Alexander. That performance yesterday just stank of relegation.
  6. How’s life been down in the championship for the pride of Lanarkshire chaps ? Going the same way as the Marks & Spencer ? Not needed anymore ?
  7. Every European game we’ve won since Nancy i’ve not been there. I can’t make either dates for this round and the next…… we’re winning this fuckin trophy boys
  8. Just thought i’d pop in tae say hope ye’s skoosh the league this year boys. Dundee lads are good people and any United lad i’ve met has been an absolute weapon. Getting negative responses on their next manager thread for saying this so thought i’d let ye’s know directly . We’ve both suffered the bin fire that is Mark McGhee so i like to think we are bonded through similar trauma. See ye’s next season lads.
  9. Every team outside sevco fans expecting Celtic away first game ?
  10. We don’t get brought up in Lanarkshire we get dragged up. We are saturated in arse cheeks supporters so we have thick skin. Tony Watt is a weapon though. That is all.
  11. Well we once again will potentially give our Airdrie brothers European football in their grim wee town. Hopefully not but the claret and amber pound is very valuable these days
  12. Bookmarked for when we win the Europa Conference League
  13. How ye enjoying Tony Watt my good sir ? Cow’s arse and banjo come to mind ( apart from scoring against us )
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