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  1. Is there any Scottish game that they can't or won't shoehorn in Celtic/Rangers shite?
  2. Think it happened at a league game in Germany the other day.
  3. That's the spirit.......getting right behind the team tonight
  4. Some absolute guff being posted on this thread. We we never dead and buried, always in the hunt for top 4 and 1st place. Form team when it mattered and now odds on to win the league. Also in with a chance of making a balls of it and having the 'thrill' of a playoff place. Overall performances have been wide and varied but we have the most league wins, scored the most and conceded the least.
  5. Alston was our MOM today in my opinion. 2 fantastic saves from the Pars goalie. Expected more from Dunfermline but they were mince.
  6. 20 points from the last 8 league games should probably qualify as producing the goods on the park.
  7. Unfair to call that first 45 mins football........total dugshite.
  8. I never look forward to us playing Thistle. However, I'm prepared to make an exception after watching the game tonight. See you on Saturday lads
  9. I guess "Ambrose in trouble here" is a well used phrase at Dunfermline. He was poor against us (Killie) recently.
  10. It just gets better. More points and a better goal difference now.
  11. Nobody in Killie is looking.........honestly
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