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  1. 252 was attendance according to Twitter
  2. It’s a pity your club wasn’t as “forward” thinking when you were in the SPFL..
  3. Thanks for this, but what had it got to do with Berwick Rangers?
  4. He didn’t say that though did he? He said their inclusion is a separate issue, which given the length of the thread on here about them, would indicate that.
  5. The sense of superiority from Neilly is a recurring theme in his posts, which seem to infer that Div 2 is some sort of powerhouse league. In reality there is virtually no difference between the bottom 3/4 in SPFL 2 and the top 3/4 in the LL.
  6. Clyde used this entrance as well, or at least they did when I was there last season.
  7. It showed on the suspension list issued to all clubs last Friday, so I’m not sure what the due diligence was?
  8. 2 matches for your recognised team (The team you are registered for) in this case Kilwinning.
  9. That’s probably because I don’t know them.
  10. Living in your head rent free mate. I mean listen to yourself, a grown man getting this upset about a football team.
  11. Was it not the clubs who voted them in??
  12. That would be too positive , they would rather pick holes in everything.
  13. They haven’t taken over a club, they are sponsors of an existing LL club.
  14. Are you still wearing your tinfoil hat??
  15. Get you The argument ends in real terms with the rules. Of course people are free to carry on in here, I’m not sure to what ends right enough.
  16. It may be wrong in your opinion, but it is allowed, and as such that’s really where the argument ends.
  17. The SFA have obviously allowed it, so they are not breaking any rules unless I’m missing something??
  18. You do realise how sponsorship works don’t you??
  19. I am not getting your drift here?? Who is asking you to promote the sponsor? In addition they are not my sponsor, I don’t support or follow the club, I just happen to think it’s a good idea. If it happens “around the World” I would say thst makes it common
  20. Don’t have a clue, but there are a fair few in Europe.
  21. Why shouldn’t they be for sale? It’s commonplace in European football.
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