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  1. I think you are misreading this, my point is that their general attitude towards it is negative, there is always an excuse.
  2. I would disagree, they have never really entertained the notion, regardless of circumstances.
  3. They hide behind the Colts excuse because it suits them, wasn’t it Iain McMenemy who wanted a total block on relegation for years because of Covid?
  4. As if SPFL 2 teams would ever negotiate reconstruction plans full stop.
  5. They joined a new league, as did Broomhill, the difference being that the West had something to reference, the junior leagues. My point is that since they have came into the league Broomhill have more than held their own, and if a similar scenario were to happen to the LL (as happened to the juniors) they would be in the top division.
  6. So did every team in the West of Scotland League, and a lot of teams in the East, does that lessen their status in those organisations?
  7. They are there because they applied when everyone else didn’t, since then they seemed to have been an established team.
  8. Historically, Broomhill have been one of the better teams in the league.
  9. Loving the seethe tonight, live and let live guys, life is to short. Have another drink
  10. It’s not a necessity anymore, unless they have included it in their own constitution, which I would doubt they have.
  11. At what level of the WoSFL should they start, Div 4? I’m not particularly in favour of them, but this recurring argument about them starting at the bottom of the pyramid is a flawed one. D I'm sure the Div 4 teams wouldn’t want to be pumped by double figures every second week.
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