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  1. Interesting, thanks. I had figured the new manager bounce was a factor at the weekend. I suppose the longer term trends are mostly down to Dunfermline being a Premier League club more recently. If we could somehow pull off promotion this season it would be really interesting to see if that would bring the numbers back. I think the potential to grow the support is there.
  2. Sorry to go back to the crowds issue, but I'm really curious why our core home support isn't larger. Setting aside any effects of the pandemic/streaming, Dunfermline had 3,500 at East End on Saturday, almost 2,000 more than Rovers. Have the Pars always had a bigger fanbase? They've generally been higher up the leagues in the last 20 years, but haven't done anything in recent seasons. Does it go back further than that, to their success in the 60s? I haven't lived in Kirkcaldy since I was a kid, and that was in the 90s, so I'm a little hazy on the distribution of Fife's population and where the pockets of support are based. But I know Kirkcaldy and Dunfermline are roughly similarly sized towns. Does the Rovers crowd take a hit because of the Fife Flyers also being in town? Would appreciate if anyone can enlighten me.
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