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  1. Mark's first goal last night was a thing of sheer beauty.
  2. agree mate but replacing someone with another who does an equal job doesnt seem the soundest decision?
  3. we sold a striker to league rivals in summer did we not?
  4. Payne and Baur both on the scoresheet for Hill of Beath I see.
  5. whilst i agree partly with the statement, need to start attempting to find the best 11 and a settled side to go into the league season
  6. shaped up to be a decent league this year by the looks of things
  7. I agree he has moved the right players on at no point did I say I never.
  8. not surprised to see another few players moved on, squad looking bulky and players need to play. fingers crossed selling to team in same league doesn’t come back to bite us
  9. 100% agree, will do well for BU, cracking goalie in the games I seen him in. Great chance for him aswell
  10. not shocked to see the Goalie move on and up, was defo one of the better goalies I seen in the league last season
  11. Scott Sinclair from Bo'ness Athletic?
  12. no wonder Man Utd are where they are with players like him in the squad. He also wouldn't get a sniff with Scotland if he didn't play for Man Utd.
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