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  1. Nothing stopping it from becoming PPV, or paid for by donors or advertisers. Explain to me why I should pay money for content that I barely ever watch? I literally only watch Sportscene and live Scottish games. I use the internet services, but could easily find an alternative. But couldn't you pay for that, as someone who uses their services? Why do the Tories want it gone? Are you implying that it's politically biased against the Tories? I have heard that from just about everybody from indy supporters, Rangers supporters, Tories and people who have claimed it's offensive for allowing the likes of Frankie Boyle to have a show on there and for allowing Nick Griffin and Nigel Farage on Question Time. If it's pissing everybody off, even more reason to scrap it, IMHO. Of course it should be 100% politically neutral. Perhaps we could have a nationalised Scottish television network? To be honest if they paid a decent amount for the rights to live Scottish games I'd be delighted to pay £15 per month. Exactly. I can't see how adverts are really a problem. I still watch adverts from my childhood, like this one: Great advert. I remember it in the 80s when I was a wee guy.
  2. I think that forcing people to pay a licence fee to watch other channels is literally extortion. The technology is available nowadays to make it PPV. If folk want to watch it they can, and they can pay for it too. Personally I resent paying the licence fee. I concede that I do watch Sportscene and I use their internet services. If they bought the rights to show live Scottish games, I would subscribe. If not I would make do with the internet highlights and find alternative services, if the internet became PPV.
  3. Thanks, Tam. Aye, I'm not staying out and reckon I'll make the 17:30 train after the game. If it goes to extra-time and pens, then I will have to get the 20:30 train, so will stay out for a bit. I take it you're opting for a supporters' bus? The other alternative is to do the 90+ min journey using the alternative service being laid on by Scot Rail, take a coach from Buchanan Street Bus Station, or get someone to drive. To me train fae Barrhead looks the best bet.
  4. Shocking service! I will be getting the train from Barrhead to Ayr, via Kilmarnock.
  5. I agree with this. Fair play to them. I suppose if they'd owned up to being Morton fans they might not have got in, but ideally they should have been segregated. Regarding Morton, they have improved a LOT over the last month! Anyway, looking forward to next week. I have created a match thread: Do you think a lot of your fans might stay away now, after today's result? Despite the train service being crap I'm expecting us to travel in big numbers.
  6. He handled the ball, in the box, which prevented a cross. Harsh but fair, IMHO. The most outrageous penalty decision I have seen is Celtic v Livingston this season. Now that was never a penalty...
  7. I didn't think it was too bad. Killie through it away, but Thistle's goal was a peach and it created a bit of late drama. Entertaining enough, I thought. Ayr are losing, I noticed.
  8. That would be better than signing a couple of duds to appease the fans, IMHO. I think the current team have been unlucky, and I don't think we've got a bad team. The exception to that is I think Main has to be dropped, as he's simply not good enough. When's Brophy back? ETA: link to Ayr match thread:
  9. Ach, some of his posts make me laugh. I have never been called a 'deck head' before! I started the Ayr United v St Murn thread in domestic cup sub-forum. I intended to end it with a simple prediction, but wrote a match report. I wasn't even drunk, either.
  10. Tickets for this go on sale on Monday. Prices yet unknown, but it has been suggested that we may take around 2,000 and it's fair to say the pubs in Ayr will do a roaring trade. It will be interesting to see how Ayr fare tomorrow against Morton, given a seemingly unlikely victory over Arbroath. Was that just a 'bounce' after appointing a new manager? Even if it was, it will have raised morale in the dressing room and given the players a bit of confidence. Of course we're away to Dundee Utd on Tuesday, and that will be a tough test. There have been murmurs that Goodwin's jacket's hanging on a shoogly peg, given we have only won three in the league, but that's nonsense IMHO. Short of a really, really barren run, Goodwin's job's safe until the end of the season at least. We have no right to expect a top-six finish, indeed given our resources finishing tenth is reasonable. Prediction: 2-1 Saints. Goal scorers: McGrath (pen), Shaughnessy & Adeloye Attendance: 4,363 Ayr took a shock early lead after they broke following a St Mirren attack, the ball being threaded through to Adeloye whose composed finish gave Alnwick no chance. Despite the Saints' pressure that's how it remained at half-time. However in the second half it was all Saint Mirren as the top-tier team sought an equaliser, and were rewarded for their efforts when a reckless challenge inside the box gave the referee no option but to award St Mirren a penalty, and up stepped Jamie McGrath to level the tie. St Mirren continued to press Ayr and with just four minutes remaining, a fine headed effort from Shaugnessy was enough to beat McAdams at his near post, sparking wild celebrations from the 2,000 strong travelling support.
  11. I thought he meant an Old Firm game, but I think actually meant a St Mirren home game vs one of the Old Firm.
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